80% Paying Social Security will get Screwed

Why should any of us be forced to continue paying?

From: http://www.businessinsider.com/80-social-security-screwed-2012-10

I don’t get it. Both political parties want to keep SS as it is, or raise taxes further to “strengthen” it. I believe that if there were a poll of workers asking if they were pro or con on SS, the results would conclude that a majority wants the program to continue. But 80% are getting screwed.

12.4% of an individual’s compensation goes out the door to SS. If this burden were eliminated, the economy would thrive. Unemployment would drop as the extra take-home pay works its way through the economy. As the economy expands, tax receipts would rise.

Alas, there is no possibility to eliminate SS. The committed costs for the next 20 years are impossible to reverse at this point. This beast can’t be killed any longer.

There might be an alternative; an opt-out for younger workers. If there were an opt-out, I think that many workers would accept the deal. If there were a lot of folks who did not want to “pay to lose” with SS it would result in a huge hole. That hole would have to be filled. Some payroll tax would have to be applied to those who opt out. I have not seen any numbers on this approach (Hello – JCT), I estimate that a 2% tax on opt-outs would be required to keep SS afloat.

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