Election Predictions 2012

Too good not to post.  We’ve heard this kind of nonsense before.  It bears repeating in hopes that some will wake from their slumber.

By Constitutional Scholar Jon Roland

Prediction #1: Whoever loses will blame it on the weather.

Prediction #2: If Romney wins some fool from the Christian right will proclaim the storm was divine intervention, which will be met with outrage that he would consider all that death and destruction a good thing, and the remarks will be used to stigmatize Republicans. If Romney loses it will be proclaimed punishment of us by God for tolerating abortions.

Prediction #3: If Romney loses conservatives will console themselves that it is for the best that the debt bubble burst on Obama’s watch so he and the Democrats will be blamed for it and not win another election for a generation.

Prediction #4: If Romney wins but Senate Democrats keep control of the Senate they will block any action to deal with our fiscal and monetary problems until they trigger another Depression, which the voters will blame on Romney and the Republicans.

Prediction #5: If there is a 269-269 tie in the Electoral College Romney will be elected president by the House and Biden Vice-President by the Senate, whereupon Biden will spend the next four years causing trouble.

Prediction #6: Whoever wins, the debt bubble will burst within the next term, wiping out most of the world’s wealth held in any kind of national currency or debt. We will withdraw from foreign military deployment and Al Qaida will gain dominance over the Muslim world, leading to nuclear war.

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