The End of an Era: Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech

I AM grateful to God Almighty that I was able to see one righteous man and support his candidacy in a gang of thugs, whores and overlords, also known as politicians.  He is my hero and a rare example that one can have power but not abuse it.  One can have power, but use it to promote liberty.  One can have power, but not become corrupt.  One can have power, but remain true to their principles, 30 years later.

His prognostications have come true unfortunately.  We should heed his advice now more than ever.  Some foolishly stated that the sociopath Newt Gingrich was the smartest man on the stage.  Heaven help us because that would mean the smartest of us is a sociopath. 

Conservatives just learned what happens when you choose a candidate who has taken both side of nearly every important issue, sometimes in the same week.  Santorum is the kind of candidate who would have opposed women being able to vote, justifying his position with some sexist statement like women are too emotional to vote.   Rick Perry could be described as a vacuum head, but I think a better description is that his brain is like split pea soup, mush.

God gave us a Thomas Jefferson.  Actually he gave us a better man than Thomas Jefferson.  Ron Paul was a humble country doctor who believed that Medicare was unconstitutional and delivered babies for free, rather than take government payments and never performed an abortion while delivering 4,000 babies.  Some yelled that he wasn’t pro-life.  Nothing could be further from the truth.


A return to first principles in a republic is sometimes caused by the simple virtues of one man. His good example has such an influence that the good men strive to imitate him and the wicked are ashamed to lead a life so contrary to his example.– Niccolo Machiavelli

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Matthew 5:9

I desire to be a peacemaker and Ron Paul is a great role model, but peacemaking is nearly impossible in government.

Our solutions don’t lie within government.  They never have.  We need to stop our rebellion against God Almighty and he will heal our land.
Let freedom ring!

13 thoughts on “The End of an Era: Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech

  1. Heh, I agree that women are too emotional to vote.

    But I wonder if one good thing about his retirement is that maybe people will be more inspired by him now that he’s gone.

    • If women are too emotional too vote, they are too emotional to raise children. So what then?

      Men aren’t without emotions either. They express it more through anger and rage, and less through tears. Men are more apt to supress their emotions, leading to health problems. So how smart is that?

      The only men I’ve seen say such a thing about women are Bible thumpers who want to dominate their wives. There are still plenty of them, it’s just not as socially acceptable as it use to be.

      Seriously, if you want to talk about the effects of the sexes on the world, in general men can’t take pride on what they’ve done. This screwed world is largely dominated by men.

  2. Ann Coulter says that without women, the Republicans would’ve won every presidential election in the past hundred years except for one. 70% of Single women voted for Obama. A significant majority of women in general voted for Obama. Basically, the country has pretty much sucked ever since women started voting. But granted, the income tax was created a few years before women’s suffrage.

    • You trust what Ann Coulter says? This is the same women who lied telling us that Romney never intended for his health care garbage to be a national model, even though he sent attorneys to Obama to do just that. She has no credibility. That doesn’t mean that what she’s saying isn’t true, but she’s been known to lie.

      The Federal Reserve was created before all women could vote. Almost all of the stupid Supreme Court decisions were made by men. Can’t blame hardly any of that on women.

      Republicans winning all but one election is not a good thing. Both Bushes were disasters, with Jr. being a murdering dictator. Nixon trashed what little we had left of the gold standard. I could go on.

      The R vs D thing as justification of women being too emotional to vote is nonsense. If the R vs D thing is so important, take a look at how stupid the South was in 1920, the Bible belt, where women were still 2nd class citizens in many ways. It was firmly engrained in the South that women couldn’t be doctors or lawyers etc. and some claimed they couldn’t be secretaries because they were too emotional. None of that is true today as they do all these things. There are still sexist around though, particularly in the south.

      There was a study (that I don’t have) a few years ago that showed that the happiest people are single women, the most miserable people are single men and the married couples are in the middle. Another (that I also didn’t save)showed that single women are making more than single men. Basically independent women don’t need men anymore unless they want to have a family, because much of society no longer forces gender roles on women. Single women do better than single men now.

      The notions of R equals non-emotional vote, D equals emotional vote or that woman vote equals emotional vote are absurd. The better statement would be voting R or D repeatedly equals insanity.

      If Republicans want to know why they don’t win the majority of women’s votes they should ask them and stop making stupid statements like women are too emotional for this or that. That’s what having a sexist screwball like Rick Santorum does for the Republican Party. Instead of talking about Ron Paul’s principles and example of freedom, we’re talking about the misogynous stupidity baggage that a social conservative idiot chickenhawk warmonger brings with him to Republican elections. No facts or logic, just what some fool thinks about women.

  3. Yeah, almost all of the stupid Supreme Court decisions were made by men…*after* we started letting women vote for the president.

    Basically, only one of three scenarios can be true:
    a) Women vote better than men
    b) Men and women vote with equal quality
    c) Men vote better than women

    I believe a) is incorrect. And if EITHER b) or c) is true, then there is no need to let women vote, because they do not add anything.

    //”If Republicans want to know why they don’t win the majority of women’s votes they should ask them and stop making stupid statements like women are too emotional for this or that.”//

    None of the Republicans said anything negative about women in this election. The Republicans went out of their way at the convention to talk about how “We love women” and such. Yet women still voted largely for the socialist candidate. That’s what I am saying. Women are just more inclined toward leftist politics.

    • You’ve changed the goal post. First it was women vote emotionally, now it’s they’re more inclined toward leftist politics. The latter hardly proves the former, although Democrats do demagogue frequently.

      Your premise seems to be, although not explicitly stated, that voting Republican is more intelligent and less emotional than voting Democrat. If that’s what’s you mean, come out and say it. I don’t agree with it because I just watched conservatives embarrass themselves by voting for Mitt Romney. Almost all their reasoning was entirely fear based, an emotion, the majority of which were men. On the flip side many voted for Obama, because they’re still angry at Bush, another emotion. Much of voting is emotionally based, but that doesn’t lay solely at the feet of women.

      Yes Rick Santorum said women shouldn’t serve in the military because they’re too emotional. This article does a good job refuting that, while explaining why it’s still not a good idea for them to be on the front line fighting.

      I don’t have a problem with the government treating the sexes differently if there is a logical reason for doing so. Stating they’re too emotional for this or that is nonsense. Santorum also opened his mouth about birth control, and then had to explain that he wasn’t for government bannning it. When you have multiple stupid statements like that, it does tend to run women off.

      Women backed Harding and Coolidge, two conservative Presidents and probably the two best of the 20th century. FDR’s strong arming of the court and congress, can hardly be blamed on women. One of the worst court cases came in 1923, with Judges selected before women were of equal voting status of men, Frothingham v Mellon. Reid v Mellon was another bad one in 1902. Chief Justice John Marshall threw the country off it’s constitutional foundation very early on with Gibbons v Ogden, Barron vs Baltimore, MuCulloch v Maryland etc. The Constitution was shreded before women got to vote. It just accelerated in the 20th century.

      Don’t forget that Republicans have dominated the SCOTUS appointments since the 1970’s.

      • So instead of saying that women are more emotional, I should have said, what — that women are just more *evil*? Let me simply say that on average, they vote poorly. I suspect that a lot of it comes from emotion, but who knows for sure.

        Several of the cases you cited above as bad decisions were fairly logical, reasoned opinions. Even if you disagree, they are not stupid. However, I have always tended to agree that the concept of “standing” was fairly stupid. It’s mainly built on two foundations: 1) judicial laziness, i.e. the desire to limit their workload, and 2) judicial fear, i.e. the desire not to become too “activist” and go to war with Congress.

        • Ok this has gone to the point of unproductive embarrassment. Women probably do express their emotions more frequently than men, but that hardly means they’re too emotional or *evil* to vote. Although, I see men express emotions frequently through anger and rage, so it’s not exactly like men are emotionless beings.

          You haven’t given any standards for what you define as poor voting, except implying that good voting is R voting.

          If your premise was that much of voting is based on emotions, I would tend to agree with that. It’s not a blanket statement that all voting is emotionally based, just a lot of it. There’s also selfishness, and much of the emotions are tied to selfishness. Making a blanket statement that roughly half the population is too emotional to vote based solely on their genetic makeup was the kind of nonsense used to justify WW2.

          Some of the court cases were judicial laziness, and my original point wasn’t stupidity but rather that they were the unconstitutional disasters that lead to the deviations of the Constitution that accelerated in the 20th century. Women can’t be blamed for any of those unconstitutional opinions.

          • Although I think it is probably wrong, I don’t believe the idea that taxpayers lack standing to sue is what brought about the downfall of this country. And those other Supreme Court opinions you listed were either correct, or at least arguably correct. When we talk about really bad Supreme Court decisions, I mainly think FDR and onward.

          • I do, because it was erosion of individual rights and the ability to stop unconstitutional garbage in it’s tracks before it becomes systemic.

            I don’t disagree that FDR was the worst and certainly accelerated this garbage, but that’s hardly the fault of women. Minorities started voting Democrat with FDR, and people bought the nonsense that government could spend the country into prosperity.

            Reid v Colorado upheld a criminal statute for violation of a regulation in interstate commerce. The power to regulate is not the power to prohibit. That was a tyrannical ruling, even if you don’t want to call it stupid. There are only a few crimes in the federal Constitution. This opened the door to the thousands we have today.

            The Dred Scott decision and Barron v Baltimore were such bad decisions that the Constitution had to be amended to correct those unconstitutional stupid decisions, although I don’t believe the 14th amendment was ever actually lawfully ratified.

            None of those decisions alone brought this country down, but the cumulative effects are leading to it.

  4. @Drew – Go to a Blount County Commission meeting and count how many men are brave enough to stand up and voice their opinion.

    If you’re not one of them, then shut up.

    • I hope you are right. People often fail to recognize the value of something when it’s directly in front of them.

      You see me ridicule voters routinely on here. I attribute much of the stupidity to selfishness, rather than emotions, although emotions certainly play a role.

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