Time to Arm Teachers

Letter from Robert Gosnell to Governor and Tennessee General Assembly

Dear Governor Haslam and Legislators,
Once again, because of unconstitutional gun restrictions, innocent children have been slaughtered by an armed nut case. I’m willing to bet that the SOB was under the influence of psychotropic drugs and/or psychiatric mind control; not unlike Timothy McVeigh, the cinema shooter in Colorado, and the maniac who shot the judge and representative Giffords in Tucson, AZ .
The federal government is hell bent upon disarming all citizens of the USA; in violation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America.
Mark my words…the federal government is way out of control; the American Dream has become a virtual nightmare, the melting pot has become a cesspool, the Republic has devolved into a despotic democratic oligarchy of elitist globalists who conspire to bring America to her knees, impoverish her citizens, and terminate our sacred sovereignty.  
The Tennessee General Assembly must seriously consider lawfully allowing the staff of all schools and universities to arm themselves for protection of their students and themselves. To do otherwise is foolhardy.
Guns are not the problem; but unarmed citizens faced by a crazed genocidal maniac are all doomed to die.
Enough is enough…it’s time to pass legislation to prevent the ongoing slaughter!
Robert Allan Gosnell
Lake City, Tennessee
a loyal Navy veteran
member: Oath Keepers
Comment: States aren’t innocent either, passing very restrictive gun carry bills.  That’s why I think Mr. Gosnell’s letter is excellent and timely.  The General Assembly should address this in January, not May or 10 years from now or never.
A friend emailed me this.  I do not know who designed it as there was no attribution. 

2 thoughts on “Time to Arm Teachers

  1. Absolutely; the problem is not too many guns, it’s no guns in the correct places
    There’s no question that the second would; with a gun in the hands of every teacher and principal what chance does an armed nut case stand even if “it” shows up?

  2. By all means, let’s arm the teachers.

    But there’s no reason to stop there. Let’s arm the children as well.

    For, every child without a gun means one more child at risk. Let’s arm the high school kids, the middle school kids, the elementary school kids, and the kindergartners.

    Heck, why stop there? We wouldn’t want the kids in daycare to be at risk. Let’s arm them too.

    Not just with lame single-shot weapons. There is an urgent need to develop a light easy-to-use machine gun that even toddlers can pick up and defend themselves with.

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