Arming the teachers?

Eric Holcombe raises the point that I’ve posted on Senator Stacey Campfields blog.  The solution is to get your kids out of public school and take charge of their education, rather than complain to the government about the crappy job they do educating and protecting your kids.

By Eric Holcombe:

Some are suggesting arming teachers or providing firearms training to prevent school shootings.

I just can’t see spending money to give Saundra Thompson a weapon. Or Mark Berndt. Or Dr. Michael Halliburton. How do you know which ones are drug dealers that haven’t been caught yet?  Plus, some of them already have guns. Some of them get busted and just move to another state because we are keeping their crimes secret in the “war on drugs”.

Maybe if people realize they are afraid for the teachers to have guns, they will think twice about letting them have their children every day.

See how it works? Take a few anecdotal examples and then generalize the population. It’s an old saw. Maybe you’ve seen it before.

All liberty comes with risk. Eliminating the liberty doesn’t necessarily eliminate the risk.

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