The Daily Slime does Puff Piece on Bob Ramsey

The Daily Times published a puff piece on Representative Bob Ramsey, giving him credit for something he isn’t even willing to sponsor.  This is the second recent article promoting Ramsey favorably on a bill he is doing little of the work on.

In the first piece, attorneys were working on the legislation.  In this puff piece Ramsey admits that he is not the prime sponsor, and he is still considering whether to be a co-sponsor.  Ramsey said he “may co-sponsor” the legislation.  Why is The Daily Times devoting so much space and coverage to Ramsey for a bill that he hasn’t comitted to being a co-sponsor, much less the prime sponsor carrying the bill? 

Is The Daily Times carefully calculating the coverage they are giving Ramsey, considering Amelia’s law was there top story of 2012?  This is a great way to ensure that your man remains in office.  At some point these articles become in-kind contributions, going beyond the first amendment.  If people who don’t buy ink by the barrell have to report their support for a candidate, why don’t newspapers when they do the same?

If The Daily Times wants to cover what Ramsey has been doing in Nashville (actually sponsoring, rather than talking about something for press coverage), why not cover his involvement in Pigeon Forge liquor, forcing the citizens to vote again on what they defeated twice before. On this issue he actually sponsored the amendment forcing Pigeon Forge to vote on liquor by the drink.

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2 thoughts on “The Daily Slime does Puff Piece on Bob Ramsey

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  2. Thank you, Tona, for speaking truth to power. We are watching a great community wither up and die and no one seems to care. The DT is a constant insult to us all.

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