Face Scan to get in State Capitol Building?

I am afraid it’s so.  Now to have your grievances redressed by your government you will have to submit to a face scan.  Folks, we live in a police state.

How did they get a biometric facial photo?  Likely your REAL ID drivers license.  Don’t you just love how you were informed that the State was taking a biometric photo of you?  Tennessee is one of 13 States to have complied with all 18 benchmarks of the REAL ID, which includes a biometric facial image capture. 

It’s bad enough that you have to submit to x-rays.  Now you must have your face scanned.  What’s next, rectal inspections?

Read more about government privacy invasion through the drivers license here.  There are multiple articles.  Try reading them all.

My letter to the Tennessee General Assembly:

A facial scan to get into the capitol building is completely unacceptable.  One should not have to submit to tyrannical measures simply to redress their grievances. 


Tennessee has become a vassal to the federal government, complying with all 18 benchmarks of the REAL ID act, while pretending to resist it through non-binding resolutions.  While you set around begging the federal government to repeal the unconstitutional law, your let State bureaucrats implement it anyway.

Stop the tyranny now.  People coming to the State legislature are not suspected of crimes.  There’s no probable cause to assume that someone discontent with their government and/or some law(s) is a criminal and needs to be searched through x-rays and facial scans simply to address their elected representatives.  Redress is protected by the first amendment.

Remember that you are servants of the people, not kings on thrones.  This pedestal of tyranny that you stand on needs to be knocked out from under you and destroyed.  If you are so afraid of serving, then don’t.  Let someone else who doesn’t live in fear, and therefore subject the people to tyranny as result, serve.

Let freedom ring!

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