A New Direction Alright: Lawyers to Rule Judiciary Committee

Senator Mae Beavers was stripped of her Chairmanship on the Judiciary Committee.

On the decision to remove Beavers from the Chairmanship, Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey said that Beavers has not always been a “team player” and “we wanted to take a different direction.”

Empty explanation here.

A new direction alright, a direction where attorneys control the Committee.  Attorney Brian Kelsey was appointed Chairman and Attorney Doug Overbey was appointed Vice Chairman.

Wonder who that “we” is in the new direction?  Lawyers and Judges?  Now that’s a great direction.  I guess “we” really are in for new direction in Tennessee, like Judicial selection/retention.  Oh wait we already have that.

It’s Brian Kelsey who is pushing for the Constitutional amendment to make that legal and Doug Overbey who said not to use the Constitution on that issue, reported here first.  Good ole boys who wish to make it legal to do what they’re already doing illegally.  What a great new direction.

The people voted the last attempt to legalize judicial selection/retention down.  It looks like the Republicans want their turn at defeat as well.  Schizophrenia here “we” come.

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