Renew your Drivers License in 2 Minutes: Welcome to the Police State

The time factor is Bill Gibbons recent cover for expanding the police state.  How can you renew your drivers license in two minutes?  With software that scans your face (the original news Channel 9 story including video has been removed).  Isn’t it nice that the police state has your biometric facial image or will very soon? 

This isn’t progress.  It’s a police state.

Bill Gibbon has been a disaster to the people of Tennessee, spreading the police state as fast as he can

He should be fired and treated as persona non grata in Tennessee.  I will buy him a one way ticket to any communist country.

In fairness to Bill Gibbons, we should do the same thing with the Tennessee General Assembly.  They’ve let him and the feds run hog wild here.

Don’t be fooled by Rep. Joe Carr’s recent saber rattling with his poorly thought out gun legislation.  He’s posturing to run for federal office and sold Tennesseans out with his e-verify legislation.

2 thoughts on “Renew your Drivers License in 2 Minutes: Welcome to the Police State

  1. Here is a perfect example of why Carr’s legislation won’t work. Bob Cooper has demonstrated time after time that he believes the role of the attorney general is to be defense lawyer on retainer for the government – and only for them – usually representing them against the people. He does the same thing when it comes to the federal government – but he sides with the federal government against the state legislators. Expect an “opinion” from Bob on Joe Carr’s bill exemplifying this.

    How is an attorney general that is selected by judges that are illegally selected, rather than ELECTED according to our constitution, even legitimate? The judges that selected him aren’t. They were placed illegally.

    This obvious collusion of the executive and judicial branches (and now legislative wants in on the action) reduces the checks and balance of government. See John Jay Hooker’s lawsuit vs. Bill Haslam for example. Haslam hand-picked the judges. The executive branch selected the judicial branch. How can there be an impartial judge? There aren’t any.

    • “the state had already handed over 13,000 pages of documents.”

      Wow! 13,000 pages for one issue. Government has gone insane. Where are the environmentalist? Think of the destruction to nature for 13,000 pages to address one issue.

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