Rep. Haynes First Bill is Liquor Bill Same as Last Years “Caption Bill”

Right out of the starting block, the first bill that Representative Ryan Haynes has filed is a liquor bill, HB 0047.  The wording of this bill happens to be the same, with the addition of the word “decedent’s”, as last years “caption bill” which was amended to force Pigeon Forge to have another liquor referendum.

In 2011 Haynes passed legislation that closed the “loophole” that only allowed internet and mail order wine sales to parts of the State that have liquor by the drink.

I wonder if he will ask two sides of some liquor issue to “sit down together and try to work this out“, regarding amendments to his bill.  He is getting money from both sides of the issue on wine in grocery storesHe wants to give liquor stores are 3-5 year adjustmen period but his word means nothing because he changes positions frequently.

It will be interesting to see what this new bill progresses to.

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