Sheriff’s Employee Jimmy Long Prohibits Republican County Commissioner Jim Folts from Entering Meeting

Blount County Commissioner Jim Folts, a Republican, was prohibited by¬†Blount County Sheriff’s Employee Jimmy Long¬†from entering the Republican Party meeting on February 5, 2013.

16 thoughts on “Sheriff’s Employee Jimmy Long Prohibits Republican County Commissioner Jim Folts from Entering Meeting

  1. I guess the Republican Party’s “big tent” must be full when elected Republicans can’t even get in.

    I wonder if they all huddle around John Boehner’s teleprompter like a crystal ball to tell them whom to pick like the RNC did in Florida? “The ayes have it!”

    The wicked worketh a deceitful work: but to him that soweth righteousness shall be a sure reward.

    Hiding behind the brand name “Republican” will only work for so long.

  2. Can someone explain what’s going on here? Mr. Folts is my Commissioner. Many of us are proud of him and his educated and informed decisions on our behalf. He does not deserve to be disrespected in any way.

  3. Another absolute outrage! We must never become desensitized to this kind of outright wickedness! Kudos to BC Public Record for shining the light on these cockroaches!

  4. Why? Was Mr. Long acting on his own or by instructions from Republican Party leaders? I would welcome Jim Folts into any Democratic Party meeting even though I know him to be a dedicated Republican. Jim Folts speak “truths” and does not seek personal gain–only honest, efficient governnment. We need more public servants with Jim Folts’ standards.

  5. We saw mostly county employees and county commissioners allowed entry (except Mr. Folts), while the citizens who pay the bills for these people were refused entry to the meeting. Why the secrecy? It certainly gives the illusion of wrong-doing on their part if they’re afraid for the citizens of Blount County to have an input.

  6. Having missed my childs bball game, it was a big disapointment to arrive and be refused attendance. This tax exempt organization was meeting publicly, but gave no record of doing so. When asked what it took to join, I was handed a form to fill out, but my payment would not be accepted. Presumably all in attendance were members with fees paid, but no one knows!
    This sort of thing puts a negative stain on Blount county. These thuggish actions are not becoming of our elected officials, and especially with regards to another duly elected official. This is representative government, not a football game.
    This is not Goverment, but a Club, and as George Carlin said, “you ain’t in it”.

  7. The Executive Committee is a meeting for dues paying members of the Party to elect leaders and discuss issues. It is not an open meeting for the general public. The Party mails a proxy card and notice to every member of the Executive Committee prior to the meetings. It is a business meeting for the leaders and active supporters of the Party. There are several precincts that do not have a full committee. Ask a member of the Party for a membership form and pay your dues so that you can attend the next meeting. You will be welcome.

    • Much, or all, of the confusion and lack of understanding about this meeting could have been avoided if the Chairman Susan Mills had done her job. She was contacted by a member of the press and someone interested in attending and she didn’t bother to respond to their inquiries.

      As for being welcome, you must not have read this blog in the past. Read this and this

      Folts was eventually added to the website after I wrote about the GOP’s exclusion of him.

      Eric is right about the Republican Party. The local GOP rarely updates their website, but they had Romney posted on their website before the Republican National Convention.

      If you’re sure we will be welcome, why don’t you tell us who you are and invite us personally.

      • You do not need a personal invitation. Get an application from any member of the Executive Committee and return it to the Party. After a brief review concerning your voting record in the primaries, and information about your political activities, especially if you have supported Democrats against the Republican nominees or ran as an independent against the Republican candidate, your application will be approved if there is a vacancy at your precinct for the Executive Committee. After approval, you can pay your annual dues and will be notified by mail when and where the meeting are being held. You will then be welcome to attend and participate, and hopeful become active and support the Party and it’s candidates. That is the purpose of the Executive Committee. If that is not your intention, then you have no business harassing the leadership.

  8. The “general public” pays for all of the Republican party’s private club primary elections (and the Democrats too). What about those dues?

    Why waste our money on more “dues” when you don’t even follow your own rules requiring registered delegates for the presidential primary? Santorum had none.

    Why waste our money on more “dues” when your Executive Committee can invalidate all those primary votes and just choose a new “winner”? Then change it again when Bailout John Boehner’s teleprompter says so and let the candidate choose their own delegates afterward?

    That sounds like the Banana Republican party. Why would I pay (more) to join that? George Washington was right about the private political clubs. They only serve themselves and divide the people.

    • Eric if you chose to not become a dues paying member of the Blount County Republican Party Executive Committee, that is your prerogative.
      But if that is your choice, and you do not support the Party, you do not have the right to interfere with a meeting of the Executive Committee.

      You do have the freedom of speech to continue to voice your berate of the Party, but not to attend the meetings of the Executive Committee and disrupt the proceedings.

      • Every Blount County taxpayer supports the Democratic and Republican parties financially without their consent.

        These private political clubs should pay for their own elections. If they didn’t expect their non-member neighbors to pay for them, they could even have the “closed” primaries they claim to want.

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