Boy, Were They Ever Right


By Horatio Bunce

The National Education Association has a bunch of resolutions they update and vote on every year in their national convention. One I refer to often is theirs regarding Homeschooling:

B-82 Home Schooling. The National Education Association believes that home schooling programs based on parental choice cannot provide the student with a comprehensive education experience.”

What can I say? They’ve proven themselves right again. Think this isn’t a union-supported measure, somehow the “professional teachers” don’t support with their dues? Take a look at resolution B-51.

Maybe you have forgotten that recognized gay marriage was forced into America in Massachusetts by Mitt Romney’s executive branch, or the Matthew Parker lawsuit in Massachusetts that upheld the public school system forbidding parents from opting their children out of reading pro-homosexual literature in elementary school. It didn’t take long to get from reading King & King and Heather Has Two Mommies in Kindergarten to Corporal Klinger did it?

See, they believe the same as the NEA. There is a faux appeal to parental “involvement”, just not to parental “choice”. They don’t actually see a need for the consent of the governed. Of course, those are only “just powers” that are arrived at by the consent of the governed.

What will happen when the WHOLE curriculum is conformed to the Common Core “State” Standards? It is coming.

One thought on “Boy, Were They Ever Right

  1. This one’s my favorite from the list of resolutions:
    “C-16. Extremist Groups 30
    The National Education Association condemns the philosophy and practices of extremist groups and 31 their efforts to recruit young people and urges active opposition to all such movements that are inimical to 32 the ideals of the Association. (1980, 1993)”

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