Weekly Radio Updates on State Government: 4 Important Bills

Starting today, Blount County (BC) Public Record will begin a series of weekly State government updates while the  Tennessee General Assembly is in session.  These updates will air on WBCR Truth Radio AM 1470.

You can listen to the audio recording here.

Yesterday, author Tona Monroe’s first Examiner article was published on HB1186, scheduled to be heard next Tuesday the 12 by the Business and Utilities Subcommittee.  Additionally she will continue writing articles for News with Views.

Articles on Blount County Public Record have been sparse lately, but the frequency of articles will be increasing soon.  Occasionally life requires priorities to be directed elsewhere, but BC Public Record will be providing more State government news in the upcoming months.

The text of the audio is provided here for your reading convenience, with duplication of words necessary for radio removed.

3 Minute Truth Update March 8, 2013

The Tennessee General Assembly has 4 important bills scheduled for hearings on Tuesday the 12th.  Two of these bills address concerns that people are expressing about public utility companies which have monopolies over the services they provide.  Utility companies deserve stricter legislative scrutiny than do regular businesses because they are given government granted monopolies.

Local citizens have tried for several years to get the fluoride removed from the water provided by South Blount Co. Utility District.  After years of watching good people exhaust every peaceful option, this reporter wrote a bill that offers the public an opportunity to vote on whether they want fluoridation in their community to continue.  The result is HB1186.

Some water boards stop adding fluoride to their water after legislator Joey Hensley, a Medical Doctor, wrote a letter to the Boards in Tennessee informing them of some of the dangers of water fluoridation.  Others have been unresponsive, and lack accountability because they aren’t elected by voters.

Representative Susan Lynn has a nonbinding resolution stating that the State of Tennessee neither supports nor opposes fluoridation.  The Chairman of the Business and Utilities Subcommittee that will hear the fluoride bill, Blount County Representative Art Swann, is supporting Rep. Lynn’s non-committal resolution but has not fully given his position on the HB1186.  Rep. Swann’s number is (615) 741-5481.

The same subcommittee in the House is scheduled to hear smart meter bill HB373.  Opponents of smarts meters raise health and privacy concerns.  This bill allows customer to have smart meters removed from their homes, returning to analog meters.

In the Senate, the Senate Judiciary Committee has Senator Mae Beavers SB227 limiting the service of the Grand Jury foreperson scheduled to be heard on the 12th.  The Grand Jury was intended to function as an independent 4th branch of government, but the judicial branch has been given control over the Grand Jury in Tennessee, with the local Criminal Circuit Court Judge appointing its foreperson and being allowed to reappoint the same person for decades.  While not enough to fully return the Grand Jury to its full independence, Beavers bill is a step in the right direction.

The Senate Finance Ways and Means Committee with hear Senator Frank Niceleys bill SB469 that removes the State sales tax on gold and silver coins used as a medium of exchange.  This bill would allow you to buy, sale and trade in real money without being taxed by State government.

Blount County Public Record is delighted to bring you weekly updates on your State government and thanks Truth Radio for the opportunity.  For more information on these bills and for legislative contact information, visit www.bcpublicrecord.com.

Correction: Susan Lynn has both a non-binding resolution and a water bill requiring chemical companies to the safety of their products.  It is the bill that Rep. Art Swann has co-sponsored.

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