Letter on Fluoride Referendum Bill HB1186 and Smart Meter Bill HB373

Here is a sample letter that you can send to the Business and Utilities Subcommittee in the House on the Fluoride Referendum Bill HB1186 and Smart Meter Bill HB373.

Dear Representative Calfee,
The Business and Utilities Subcommittee is scheduled to hear two important bills providing consumer protection, HB1186 and HB373.  Utility companies deserve stricter scrutiny than regular businesses because they are given government granted monopolies on the goods and services they provide.  Some of the utility boards aren’t elected and lack accountability as they do not face elections.  Worse, the water boards get to choose the nominees for replacement and often choose themselves.  It’s very much a closed loop system, which is why HB1186 is necessary to address a problem that customers have with their water boards.

HB1186 is not a prohibition against water fluoridation.  It simply gives the people a voice, where they have none, having unelected water boards who nominate their replacements.  It simply lets people who live in districts with water fluoridation decide if they want the practice to continue or cease.  There is no cost to the State as the referendum will take place at the next regularly scheduled election.  The democratic process is necessary for accountability because many of these boards are unresponsive to the request of their customers.

HB373 allows for electric customers to opt-out of a smart meter and have their smart meter removed if they already have one.  There are serious health and privacy concerns, and no electric customer should be required to accept a smart meter as a condition or term of service.

Both of these bills address important issues that have arisen within the utilities that governments have granted monopolies to.  These remedies are appropriate and of little to no cost to the State.

Your support for both HB1186 and HB373 are greatly appreciated.

Let freedom ring!

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