Nashville Drones

The drones are here.

This technology could be used for good, like finding a missing person lost in the woods, but government rarely, if ever, limits itself to good causes.  Curteousy of Homeland Insecurity.

2 thoughts on “Nashville Drones

  1. According to officer Mask’s testimony:
    It requires a spotter + pilot. Range is limited to line of sight. This is for “uninhabitated” (sic) critical infrastructure areas that are hard for a person to get to.

    As in, there are no people there, including “home-grown terrorists”. It requires two men to claim an unmanned use? If it is hard for a person to get in there, how do you fly a drone into that space AND maintain line of sight? I just don’t see the application yet. Then there are two/three men required for the boat scenario (a pilot, spotter and boat operator) following the drone to keep it in line of sight so you don’t have to send a manned boat?

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