Muslim Schools to get Vouchers?

Opps… guess the theocrats weren’t thinking on that one.

The author fails to mention that public schools are rarely held accountable for their disaster called public education.

One thought on “Muslim Schools to get Vouchers?

  1. She also apparently didn’t read the bill. Not “everyone” gets a voucher. Only those whose children happen to attend the bottom 5% of academically performing schools (note to Diane: Tennessee Virtual Academy isn’t in that number, and what were those TVA kids’ scores before they left for TVA?) and of those bottom 5%ers, only the students who take free or reduced price lunch are eligible. And then those students are further limited to a maximum of 5000 vouchers. So, it’s about 1/2 of 1 percent of all students are even eligible to take the voluntary voucher.

    It’s possible more students will enroll in the new Willie Herenton (former Memphis mayor) public charter schools, but not hearing much about them or the Dem’s bill to allow them to seize existing public school property. Check out Cosmos Foundation and the Gulen Movement. The islamists aren’t going to have to settle for a half-price voucher.

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