Who has Connections to Mail a Letter for Free?

EnvelopenopostageA letter, allegedly by Director of Schools Rob Britt, arrived in my mail box earlier this week.  Others are getting them as well.  There is no return address on the envelope and the letter does not say who paid for the letter.  It leaves me wondering if we taxpayers paid for it, since it bears Rob Britt’s name.  Mr. Britt should tell the public who paid for it, since it was apparently written by him.

There’s no postage on the envelope, although there is a zip code stamping.  I don’t know if this was placed in my mail box by my postal courier or if it was delivered by someone who is not a postal employee.  If it’s the latter, they would first have to trespass as I live on a private drive.  In fairness, others receiving them have postage on them but not the one in my mailbox. This letter

2 thoughts on “Who has Connections to Mail a Letter for Free?

  1. When I received my letter it had a stamp on it
    It did not indicate however who paid for the printing of the letter and the postage
    Campaign literature always states who pays for it
    One would think that this kind of literature would too

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