Retired Teacher Debunks Textbook Demagoguery

For years I’ve heard from government school advocates that the schools are struggling and our poor kids have old textbooks  because of a lack of money.  This retired educator debunks the demagoguery of kids not having textbooks because the schools can’t afford them.

2 thoughts on “Retired Teacher Debunks Textbook Demagoguery

  1. Textbook selection has been a facade for a long time. That business is largely driven by three or four publishers and three states (California, Florida, Texas in particular).

    Now, with accepting the Race to the Trough money, Tennessee Republicans committed Tennessee to the Common Core State Federal Standards. These are initially for math and English Language only and rely heavily on “technology” and “online testing” and measurement unlike we have ever seen. The Gates Foundation put $27M into funding their formation in 2008-2010 (but you are supposed to believe Phil Bredesen rewrote the entire K-12 academic standards in his free time at NGA conferences), so I’ll give you one guess as to where the “technology” will be coming from. Point is, this is rather foolish to change so much of what happens in the classroom for only two subjects, and it will not stop there.

    So what? Well, pretty easy to revise your history/culture/morality with the click of a mouse. Not that the aging books are necessarily great, but worse things are coming to those that take the federal dollars.

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