Commissioner Folts Corrects Mayor’s Attorney Craig Garrett

James R. Folts
Blount County Commissioner

May 29, 2013

Mr. Craig Garrett
Blount County Mayor’s Attorney
607 Smithview Dr.
Maryville, TN 37803

Mr. Garrett:
This is in response to your letter to Jerome Moon, Blount County Commission Chairman, dated May 15, 2013, which was read at the May 16 Commission meeting.

It is disappointing that your letter contains a number of factual errors, false accusations and false statements. I shall take them in the order they are presented in your letter.

You speak of “a request from Commissioner Jim Folts to be furnished the resume of Jason Holt”. This is wrong. The video record of the Agenda Meeting clearly shows that Commissioner Monika Murrell made the request for that information.

You refer to a request I made in March of 2011, for the resume of a candidate for Judicial Commissioner by the name of David French. You say that I “published a link to Mr. French’s resume on his (my) website”. You go on to call attention to a statute and say that I wrongly made Mr. French’s address and phone number available to the public. Wrong again. Mr. French’s resume, including his address and phone number, was made public, as part of the Commission meeting information package, on the County website, on March 16, 2011. It remained there, unchanged, for more than two years, until the address and phone number were deleted this month. It was Circuit Court Clerk Hatcher, who may have violated the statute by failing to redact Mr. French’s phone number and address, before the resume was placed on the County’s public website.

Nearly two weeks after the material was published on the County Commission’s public website, I copied the pages from the Commission’s website to my own website. I did this so that my readers would not have to wait for the full, 400+ page, Commission “packet” to download, in order to review a single page. The name of the file on my website, ‘pages from CC110317.pdf’, clearly reveals its source. ‘CC110317.pdf’ is the name of the Commission information packet file, located on the Commission’s public website, for the meeting held on 3/17/2011. Anyone who is familiar with Commission packets, like yourself, should have recognized that fact.

You also make the false accusation: “After Commissioner Folts’ post on his website, Mr. Hatcher pointed out to the Commissioner the above law and his potential violation of the same, yet Mr. French’s resume remained on Commission Folts’ website for many months and may actually still be on the website today”. This statement is flatly untrue. Circuit Court Clerk Hatcher never communicated any such concern to me. How can you, as a presumably responsible attorney, state this as a fact, when you have no supporting documentation for this statement? An astute attorney might also have asked Mr. Hatcher why he was not concerned about the resume continuing to be available on the County website, for more than two years, complete with phone number and address.

If you had the courtesy to call me on this matter, before making these unfounded accusations, you might have saved yourself a great deal of embarrassment.

Your conclusion that copies of resumes should be withheld from the Commission does not pass the common sense test. Are all twenty-one Commissioners supposed to visit Hatcher’s office to get information about the qualifications of a candidate who must be approved by the Commission? Simply providing the job application, or resume, with personal information redacted, would be a far better solution.

The timing of the delivery of your letter seemed designed to prevent a review of the claims you made. It was placed in each Commissioner’s paper in-box shortly before the start of the meeting. (The Commission has been trying to save money by using email for most matters.) Commissioner Caylor, who obviously did not bother to check the truth of the claims, was then used to read it into the public record at the at the Commission meeting. In contrast, a second letter from you, concerning your failed attempt to draft a resolution regarding prayer at Commission meetings, was also delivered shortly before the meeting, but was sent to all Commissioners by e-mail so they would have time to review it. Why email for one last-minute letter, and not for the other?

As the Mayor’s Attorney, you are often asked for opinions on matters that are of great concern to our citizens. The factual errors and false statements in your letter, must inevitably lead thoughtful members of the Commission, and the Mayor, to question the credibility of your work.

I also note there is no signature block your letter. Do you often send important documents, unsigned?

As men of presumed integrity, I trust that you, Mr. Hatcher, and Mr. Caylor will take appropriate steps to correct these factual errors, false accusations and false statements.


James R. Folts
Blount County Commissioner – District 7

Cc: Mayor Ed Mitchell, Blount County Commissioners, Blount County Clerk – Roy Crawford, Circuit Court Clerk Tom Hatcher

One thought on “Commissioner Folts Corrects Mayor’s Attorney Craig Garrett

  1. In response to your post on Mr. Folts letter … I was present at the recent June 20th BCC’s regular meeting. Under Item G ” Announcements & Statements” on the Meeting Agenda, Mr. Folts introduced a “motion” for HIS letter be admitted into the May BCC’s meeting minutes. This was of course written as a “rebuttal” response to correct false allegations in the “smear campaign” letter written by Mr. Craig Garrett, Blount County Mayor’s Attorney, and presented at the May BCC’s meeting.

    The attitude of disrespect for Mr. Folts was exercised as usual, and not one commissioner was willing to second Mr. Folts’ motion to honor his request. So, Commissioner/Chairman Moon proceeded to further disrespect Mr. Folts, and ignored a point of order for the Agenda protocol and also denied his request! So grudgingly, Commissioner/Chairman Moon suggested to delay Mr. Folts’ request, and present it as “new business” at the next July BCC meeting. This was nothing more than a ploy of harassment towards Mr. Folts. It was insulting behavior and disgusting.

    Then another ridiculous motion was made by Commissioner Melton to adjourn the meeting, totally ignoring the final Agenda/Item H for “Public Input On Items Not On The Agenda”. It created an explosion of protest from the audience who wanted to present their comments. Someone in the audience yelled “SHAME ON YOU” – I won’t mention any names. Commissioner Melton’s expression of shock was priceless! The motion was overruled and the meeting continued.

    There were many scathing remarks about the “juvenile” behavior of the BC Commissioners (excluding Mr. Folts of course). Many people stood up on behalf of Mr. Folts, and reprimanded the BCC’S for their continual disrespectful behavior towards him.

    You’ll never read this kind of factual report in the Daily “Biased” Times newspaper!

    The meeting didn’t adjourn until almost 10:00 P.M. My brain was totally numb, and it took me a couple of days to decompress! D;-)

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