Wheel Tax Defeated 2-1

For the third time, Blount County voters have rejected a wheel tax in Blount County. This is the fourth attempt by the all-Republican commission to tax Blount Countians in the last four years. Soon after they were elected, the all-Republican commission passed a property tax increase. The following year, while the rest of the country was experiencing falling property values, the commission approved a county-wide increase in appraisal values, thus forcing Blount Countians to pay more in taxes. Last year, 2013, we voted down a proposed sales tax increase. And now, just 8 months later, we voted down a wheel tax.

How many more second chances do these Republicans get? It should be clear to anyone paying attention that the Blount County Republican Party is not a friend to anyone that’s fiscally responsible. The only home for those who are fiscally responsible is the Libertarian Party. I hope and pray that we have enough Libertarian and Liberty-minded candidates next year to unseat these irresponsible commissioners.

4 thoughts on “Wheel Tax Defeated 2-1

  1. Don’t paint everyone with the same broad brush! There are a few conservative Republicans on the Commission. Not on the school board or other sheriff, circuit court clerk, etc….It is time to clean house on the Commission.

    We need more people like Folts, Murrell, McCulley and Graham on the Commission. The voters will vote against an increase in sales taxes and a wheel tax, but still support Commissioners, school board members, sheriff and courthouse officials that are for more spending and taxes. Go figure!!!

    • Two of those you listed are current County Commissioners. So out of 21 commissioners, you would consider 19 to be “bad”. What size brush do you suggest be used?

      And Jim Folts was kept out of the latest Blount County Republican Party reorganizational meeting (http://www.bcpublicrecord.com/?p=3574) which shows what kind of respect they have for those who question some of the spending and taxes. (And up until recently, he wasn’t listed on the Blount County Republican Party’s website).

      The fact of the matter is, you can dig around in the Republican Party and maybe have a 1-2% chance of finding a good person. OR, you could just support the Libertarian Party and have a 99% chance of finding a good person. I don’t know about you, but I’m done gambling with our children’s future.

    • Murrell voted to spend/waste $80K+ on this special called election. There’s nothing conservative about wasting money to vote on a tax increase.

      When was there another wheel tax vote? There was one in 2006 and 2013. This is the 4th time since 2006 voters have rejected tax increases that I am aware of, yet the politicians causing the tax increase keep getting elected.

  2. Start revealing the truth about the spending and how much the 400-lb gorilla school system is really getting and folks voted in favor of their own households.

    Harry G. shared some interesting numbers on air Wed.:

    2006 Wheel tax vote – For: 4081 Against: 10131 Total: 14212
    2013 Wheel tax vote – For: 4087 Against: 8875 Total: 12972

    Current county employees ~3300

    The 2006 referendum was included in an August primary election ballot.

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