Yes Jim Tracy, State Legislators must be held accountable for enabling the feds

An uninvited email arrived in my inbox today from the Jim Tracy for (federal) Congress campaign.  Tracy is the latest hypocrite running for federal office after sitting back and catering to the feds for several years in the State legislature.  You can read the body of the email below.  My response could apply to most of the politicans in Nashville, although their Committee positions would be different.

Hi Jim,
What have you done to tell the feds you won’t take this lying down while you’ve been in the State legislature?  You’ve let the State Dept. of Safety and recently added Homeland Security convert the drivers license into a biometric ID card while being the Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee that could oversee stopping that.  You’ve sat back and let a State Dept. of Safety and Homeland Security (NOT) build up a Fusion Center so that the feds can grab information on Tennesseans anytime.

Your words are at best empty.  At worst, you’re a traitor who squandered your opportunity to tell the federal government to go to hell, because you allowed the State to become the vehicle needed to get a biometric global ID on everyone while building an award winning Fusion Center which tickles the feds to no end.

You’ve sat back and let VIPR happen at the largest scale to date on Tennessee road.

There shouldn’t even be a drivers license.  The people have the right to travel.  The drivers license was originally for commercial purposes only.  There was a time when legislators weren’t so arrogant in this country to think they had authority to require permission of the people to use what they pay for.  Any legislator who believes the drivers license is constitutional is a tyrant, thug and overlord.

You thugs are so tyrannical that you’ve put in a security system for facial scans to get in State buildings.

It’s unprincipled pea-brain thugs like you who have enabled the feds while you’re in the State legislature. 

How dare you ask me for money.  People should wipe their feet on politicians like you.  Every one of you morons in Nashville should be thrown out instead of trying to climb the ladder to DC so that you can screw us over even worse in the District of Criminals.



The government’s recent attacks on our civil liberties is appalling. Within the past month alone, the IRS and NSA has abused its power at the expense of innocent American citizens. From spying on millions Americans through emails and phones calls, to targeting the taxes of conservative parties, the government has demolished any trust still held by its citizens.  

I’m asking you- Is this the future that we want our children and future generations to be left with? We must fight back and take a stand against this gross injustice. Let us stand together and demand that those accountable for violating our rights be penalized appropriately. We can’t just let these violations be wrapped up and swept neatly under the rug.  

Will you help support my efforts and fight the abuse of power by our government with a donation of just $10? Let’s send Washington the message this we won’t take this lying down.

Best Wishes,

Jim Tracy

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