Citizen Richard Hutchens Delivers Stellar Admonishment of Commissions Lackadaisical Attitude to Budget Spending Crisis

Richard Hutchens ran for County Commission in 2010, against incumbent Steven Samples in District 3.  While unsuccessful in winning the seat, he received an impressive 35% support of voters as an independent with a low budget campaign. 

At the May 19, 2011 Blount County Commission meeting, he expressed his outrage while ending on a humorous note.  Commissioners were nearly busting a gut laughing, but the budget crisis looms and the Commission has kicked the can to the final month and will likely slam the tax payers with real estate property tax increases for the next two years.

Commissioner Jim Folts grilled Blount Co. Sheriff Office Assistant Chief Jeff French about a tower contract that the Commission was told last year would not be needed, when it approved the purchase of equipment hastily.  Commissioner Mike Caylor took umbrage with Commissioner Folts’ comments, asking if Mr. French was on trial.  This prompted my remarks at the end of this video, regarding the power granted to the State legislature to imprison people that testify before it.

Article 2   Section 14
Each House may punish, by imprisonment, during its session, any person not a member, who shall be guilty of disrespect to the House, by any disorderly or any contemptuous behavior in its presence.

Show up Monday May 23 at 6 PM at the Court House to express your outrage to the Rules Ad Hoc Committee that approved a rule to ban public applause.

3 thoughts on “Citizen Richard Hutchens Delivers Stellar Admonishment of Commissions Lackadaisical Attitude to Budget Spending Crisis

  1. It appears based on the video, and based on personal observations and past committee meeting videos that the committee has basically zero interest in those that they are suppose to represent. Instead of listening to their voters opinions prior to a vote they stare at the wall, at their watches, into space and points unknown, as the opinions expressed are only a “nicety” for show, as the decision for the vote has already been made in the back room prior. Puppets that seem to be following an outside financial interest following a guiding light to self fulfillment not statesmanship, responsibility and accountability. Sad state of affairs we find our community in.

  2. Chris,
    I disagree, it appears they only are not listening to what they view as squeaky wheels, or broken records.

  3. There have been people talk to the commission about floride in the water and there is talk about Real I.D etc.The fact is some of the people I seen address the commission appear to be kissing the commissions butt.The commission dont need there butt kissed they needed there butt kicked.Does anybody have the guts to tell the commission what to do to themself?I doubt it.haha

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