The Common Core “state” Standards illegal cell phone tax

by Eric Holcombe

We are here to do big things — and we can do this without Congress,” Obama told his staff at a meeting, according to the aide.

Ever examine your phone bill, whether land line or wireless? Try calculating the percentage rate of federal taxation on your phone service some time. When I still had a land line, it was on the order of 40% taxes for a basic line with no add-on frills. Well, that apparently still isn’t enough. The federal government must raise more funds for internet connections at schools. Wait, you say, we already pay a FCC tax for that on our phone bills. Well, yes you do. It’s called the Federal Universal Service Fund charge tax. But this new tax Obama wants to push is due solely to the forced, federal education control scam called Common Core “state” Standards. See, the new allegedly state-led and demanded standards for math and English language arts that the federal government is forcing all the suckers who took Race To The Trough money to implement requires a bunch of new testing and it’s all via the internet on computers. That’s why the federal government needs all those new tax dollars so 99% of all classrooms will have “high speed” internet connections. Even though the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation has solely bankrolled more than $120 million in grants to make Common Core happen and we spent all that “stimulus” in Race To The Trough, we still need your help to continue to fund your own demise.

It’s “For The Children”™ again, so you should be willing to fork it over. We even call it something nice, EdConnect. What you may not know is that the Common Core “state” Standards are radically changing how public schools measure and collect data on the students – and intend to share that information illegally in violation of FERPA (Federal Education Rights Privacy Act). The federal government department of education even has a more bizarre if not sinister paper out describing the data gathering possibilities for public school students in their brave new world. Remember now, we are doing all this massive taxing and spending and “fundamentally changing the classroom” for the sake of only two subjects, math and English language arts. If you believe the government, apparently we don’t care about any other subjects when it comes to competing in the global marketplace. I don’t believe them and you will see soon enough the same federal overreach come to other subjects. More Te$ting Contract$!!!

You may also not be aware that the Race to The Trough federal carrot money funded the creation of two new national testing arms to carry out all the new data-mining of public school students that is supposedly “state-led”. One of those is PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers). It’s a nice sounding name, and who isn’t all for preparing our human capital widgets for college and careers? You will notice the many mentions in that press release of the company on whose site it is hosted, ACHIEVE, Inc. They are the “project manager” for PARCC.

You may also not be aware that Governor Bill Haslam is on the board for ACHIEVE, Inc.. I cannot say what Gov. Haslam and the former CEO of Intel among others stand to profit from a massive sale of computers and testing to thousands of public schools across the nation and long-term testing contracts and then further data marketing after that. Maybe it’s nothing.

But I know with certainty the Common Core “state” Standards and the accompanying baggage were neither “state-led” nor requested by the taxpayers in Tennessee.

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