Conservatives Banned from Republican Planning Meetings

From NewsMax:

“Conservative GOP lawmakers have taken steps to diminish the influence of the Heritage Foundation, barring the conservative think tank’s employees from participating in planning meetings…The rift between Heritage and the RSC, a group of 172 conservative lawmakers, developed over the summer after disputes arose involving the farm bill, which also included food stamp funding. Heritage Action, the lobbying arm of the Heritage Foundation, reportedly wanted agriculture policy and food-stamp policy to be split into separate pieces of legislation and issued a vote alert warning Republicans to vote against the bill when it reached the House floor in June.”

After House Speaker Boehner convinced his fellow Republicans to vote against Heritage Action, it “triggered discontent” among lawmakers.

“It’s not clear whether the farm bill tiff will result in any further separation of conservative lawmakers from Heritage. But some GOP House members have recently blasted Heritage Action for pressuring them to back efforts to defund Obamacare…Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint, the former Republican senator from South Carolina, has also recently come under fire from conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin for his role in pushing Republican lawmakers to defund the Affordable Care Act.”

So, any limited-government influence within the GOP is slowly being purged. The Libertarian Party is the only political party that is truly for limited government and a return to Constitutional government. How much longer will Republicans have to increase the size and scope of government for conservatives to realize this?

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