$3 Billion+ Gov’t Money to Wire Your Brain

Mass shootings by people on psychiatric drugs have become a huge problem that few doctors and government bureaucrats and politicians want to address. This article touches on something that could be much scarier than those going violent on the drugs.

Fluoride poisoning and control must not be enough for the mad scientist.  Not only do people take fluoride based mental health drugs, government bureaucrats dump it in our water doing what they can to calcify our pineal glands and cause numerous other harms.  Enter something potentially more insidious, optigentics, benign viruses that contains the genetic information for light-sensitive proteins that cause your brain cells to become light-sensitive, allowing them to be remotely controlled via flashes of light sent through fiber optic cables implanted into your brain.

How long will it be until ‘benign viruses’ are dumped into our water, making their way to our brains for remote control?  Don’t underestimate that possibility if it ever becomes available.  There are plenty of fools advocating fluoride, lithium and statin medications in drinking water. 



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