Local Activist Dismissed from Jury Duty, no Reason Stated

A local political activist was dismissed from Jury duty earlier this week without an explanation.  The case was criminal theft in Wal-Mart for less than $500.  When Judge David Duggan dismissed three people from Jury duty, the first two were told  that because they had previously worked for Wal-Mart, the State wanted to eliminate any possibility of impropriety.  The third person dismissed, a local political activist, was then dismissed without explanation.

The activist has challenged the status quo of County government and would not be a myrmidon easy guilty vote.  Elimination of the person who is probably the most likely to question the State’s case makes for a much easier conviction.  It may be within the purview of Circuit Court criminal Judge to dismiss people, but when he states a reason for the first two but not the one who is politically active, it leads one to conclude that the good ole boys are working to shut out anyone who doesn’t agree with the agenda of the local political machine.

One thought on “Local Activist Dismissed from Jury Duty, no Reason Stated

  1. Communism as a “grassroots” movement is myth. The corruption always begins at the top, i.e., here at the Federal level where ALL elected officials are now – Finally! -the Oligarchy’s devils, and then seeps downward to the State and County levels. This letter exposes quite well why the words “politics” and “politician” are now universally regarded DIRTY. The way to break the syndrome for the first time in Human history is to end the Political Popularity Kontest method of choosing OLIGARCHY SERVANTS and phase in, across the board, the Election-by-Lot method of choosing PUBLIC SERVANTS.

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