Big Spending Tennessee Republicans

Republicans have been promoting the myth (lie) that since they’ve taken charge of the helm of the ship of State that they’ve cut the budget and are spending less.  Turns out that isn’t true.  Surprise, surprise, surprise.

The Republicans did the same thing at the federal level during the Bush era, and contrary to all the pathological lies about Newt Gingrich and the Republicans balancing the budget in the 90’s, that didn’t happen either.  The national debt increased every year in the 1990’s.

At the local level, the Republicans control every office and the spending keeps increasing.

Republicans need to put up or shut up.  This country and State have suffered enough from lying big spending Republicans.  Either Republicans offer real solutions, or they will continue to be the Democrat-lite Party that continues down the path of disastrous big government.   Simply trimming a few taxes won’t cut it.  Cut spending and eliminate programs, or admit that you are a progressive-lite and in some areas want bigger government than Democrats.

As we head into the new legislative session, I don’t expect much good to come from these big spending Tennessee Republicans.  They sure haven’t delivered much fiscally to be excited about since taking the helm and they continue the government intrusion of carrying a gun being a State granted privilege instead of a right, even if you do get to carry it with permission in a few more areas than with Democrats.

Ultimately many of you fools who call yourselves Republicans are to blame, choosing candidates who add to the deficit. Until people calling themselves Republicans are honest with themselves, and stop worrying about those evil Democrats being in charge, we in Tennessee will continue to be ruled by big spending Republicans.  2013 was another year of wasted Republican opportunity and I expect 2014 to be as well.

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  1. I think you have put out some misinformation (some may say the word “lies” but I don’t like to use such harsh terms) the state has not increased or done any deficit spending under Republicans. We have a balanced budget and have had one for ever. It is mandated by our constitution. While spending has increased it is not definite spending. It is natural growth spending and that happens when an economy grows and population grows as ours has. We have not increased any long term debt (things like loans for large construction projects) in fact, we have paid off most of it and rank 49th or 50th in the nation in terms of indebtedness per Tennessean. Our debt has gone down. not up. We also have $0.00 road debt. This is also almost unheard of nationally. We have cut dozens of programs over the last few years. NOT cut a few and added more but just cut them with less adding then cutting. We are a low tax state. We are constantly ranked between 47 and 50th lowest taxed state in the nation. We are also ranked at the top as one of the “most free” states. We have also done this while reducing taxes. Not increasing taxes. Removal of entire sections of the tax code without tax increases.

    Are we perfect? No. Can we do more? Sure. But to say we are increasing debt and definite spending is not true and misleading to your readers to be kind. It is not only not giving credit where it is due, it is putting blame on those who have taken positive steps instead of negative ones. It is attacking those who may be walking forward in the right direction not for not running, but for actually going in the wrong direction.

    • How did I put out misinformation? This is based on the AP story, not that I am big fan of MSM, saying State spending increased 16% under Haslam. Is 16% misinformation?

      State Republicans have supported RTTT and the crap that came along with it, allowed Bill Gibbons to team up with TSA VIPR agents, implemented REAL ID, passed offensive bumper stickers and numerous other stupid tough on crime bills.

      On State debt, wasn’t there approval for bonding some road projects a few years ago? I watched some debate on it, but didn’t follow up to see the outcome. Republicans do approve resolutions each year to allow appropriations that are more than projected revenue growth. You voted no, but your Republican pals overwhelming approved it.

      My post addressed Republicans at all levels of government, not just the State. I didn’t say that the State legislature increased debt, but was referring to Republicans at the federal level.

      Then there are the selfish morons in the County Employees Association (aka Blount County Republicans) that have also been reckless with debt. Tennessee has failed to put reasonable limits on the kinds of toxic debt that localities can take on and these good ole boys took on plenty. Good ole boy Republican Bob Ramsey voted for 10 property tax increases and to quadruple County debt while voting to triple his pay as a County Commissioner. A majority of the highly bright voters of Blount Co. saw fit to reward that kind of big spending Republican by sending him to Nashville, which is something I should have provided a link for since I talking about Republican voters backing big spenders who run up debt. The rest of the Republicans thought they’d help the big government problem by eating a Chick-fil-A instead of voting.

      TN is one of the lowest tax States, which is why I live here, and R’s did cut taxes slightly, but Republicans need to come clean on their spending. Either they’ve spent more or they haven’t. The population certainly hasn’t grown 16% in 4 years and is a poor excuse for justifying the big spending increase. Tennessee’s population growth is less than the South and the US.

      If you want to grow the economy, which you talked about in relation to spending, cutting government is the best solution for growth. Instead Republicans increased government spending 16%, which is clearly not moving in the right direction. As Bob Ramsey would say in his highly thoughtful emails responses, “thanks”.

  2. You say state republicans have done the same thing the federal republicans did in the 90 and were deficite spending. Its in your first few sentences.

    That is not true.

    We spent and put some thing (hard assets not continueing expences) on bonded debt but that is customary for some big projects and out bonded debt has gone down. Not up. That is not deficit spending for things like continuing expenses like the fed does.

    How does our spending go up? While some came from federal grants, most of It is paid for by natural growth. As I said things like population growth and growth in income from taxes that are already in place. Not new taxes. That is how Austrian economics works you lower taxes and the govt will actually bring in more money. Not less.

    • Ok, I can see where some confusion comes in based on my sentence because of using the word and to make two points in one sentence rather than making them separate sentences. First point was increased spending. That happened. Second was covering the myth that the budget was balanced at the federal level under Republicans, meaning nothing added to the debt. That did not happen, yet Republicans are happy to pretend it did, while Democrats want to give Clinton credit for something that didn’t happen. There’s no reason for debate (R vs D) as to who balanced the budget in the 90’s because it didn’t happen. I wasn’t trying to say that Republicans at the State level did point two like federal Republican legislators did in the 1990’s.

      However, when you consider the vast amount of money the State of Tennessee takes from the federal government, then yes State Republicans are increasing debt at the federal level. The fact that it doesn’t show up on the State’s balance sheets doesn’t mean that State government Republicans aren’t contributing to the insanity of DC, which includes reckless deficit spending.

      Why didn’t the State just pay for the hard assets you are referring to (roads?) instead of bonding it and paying off other bonds? That creates origination fees, that are essentially waste.

  3. Because some projects are too big. a major building or one big project can throw off a budget. instead of saying we are going to have to come up with some huge chunk of change for some big project all in one year and the next year we don’t have to come up with anything its easier to spread out payments over say 15 years. That way you aren’t having to bump up taxes all in one year and cut them the next. You can budget and plan better.

    • It’s hard for me to state anything definitively here because I don’t know what assets/projects we’re talking about, nor the dollar amount. However, 16% is such large growth that it seems that huge project could have been paid for without having to bond debt, even if the previous debt was retired. If the State legislature could demonstrate that the 16% increase in spending was for hard assets without having to bond debt, saving tons in interest and origination fees, then I might not be so hard on Republicans for increasing spending so much. That hasn’t been demonstrated though. A 16% increase in spending is awfully step for people who proclaim fiscal conservatism.

  4. Again, it is not defisite spending. It is not a result of tax increases but cuts and population growth with some federal grant money thrown in.

    • Hogwash! I don’t give a back flip about what accounting looks like if spending is less and money is saved. If D’s increased spending 16%, you’d be all over it like a duck on a june bug. You can’t justify a 16% spending increase in 4 years during and following the Great Recession. Tennessee’s population is growing slower than average. A 16% increase is outrageous from people who claim to want less government. Big spending Republicans need to be called out of the hypocrites they are. If the truth hurts, then quit spending. Gee, have you thought of that?

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