The Era of Big Government is Here

Does anyone remember Clinton making this statement?  So what happened?  Rick Santorum ought to be embarrassed about claiming that he reformed welfare, when the era of big food stamps is here.  If that’s welfare reform, I’d hate to see what Rick Santorum and his supporting Republicans call welfare expansion.  The individual mandate was proposed by the Heritage Foundation, originally in response to Hillarycare, and backed by Newt Romney.  Thanks Republicans!

As I have said several times before, Republicans continue being the party that tinkers around the edges of the progressives.  Limited government conservatism died a lot time ago.  Republicans need to stop laboring under the delusion that Ronald Reagan was a good President who lead under small government, that Newt Gingrich and the Republicans balanced the budget, the Rick Santorum reformed welfare, that Republican State lawmakers shrunk spending and that the all Republican Commission stood for sound fiscal policies.

What we need is very very very limited government, or perhaps even no compelled government, not just “less” government.  Less in a few areas while expanding others won’t cut it.  Republicans need to quit being the Party that wants to “reform” what the progressives did with some Republican support.  Democrats need to quit pretending they don’t support American fascist imperialism.  Americans should be fed up with the big government two party uni-system plaguing our society.


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