Get Konnected With The Kronies

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programing to bring you more of the same, but in a manner that you will enjoy better than the real thing.  Get Konnected at

The Kronies are in action…Mandating, Tarrify-ing, Inflating, and Boondoggling their way to profits powered by their special konnection to the G-Force. Watch Big-G and his team stomp out competition!

3 thoughts on “Get Konnected With The Kronies

  1. Hi Tona,
    Reality portrayed so simple even a sheeple could understand. Kudos for whoever made this.
    May want to correct the link, “”.

  2. BIG G – His half-blue, half-red suit is a two-party cloth covering one giant grab for power….he has a mirror for a face because BIG G claims to be us….


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