Harwell declares she’s a globalist

Speaker Beth Harwell, Nashville’s biggest hypocrite, has admitted that she’s a globalist.  Harwell made the following statement to the Tennessee Chamber about Common Core standards:

“There have to be standards in place, and the days of telling ourselves, ‘Our schools are doing fine by our own standards,’ that’s not good enough in this world anymore,” Harwell said. “There is a world standard now. There is a national standard now. And we want our children to be meeting it and surpassing it.”

Source: http://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/blog/2014/01/tennessee-chambers-agenda-zeroes-in.html

If education is as important as politicians like to say it is, to attract good jobs and whatever they pull out of their heads, then why have any State or local standards on anything?  If education standards have to be global or national, then why aren’t working standards globalized?  Why do we need State run courts?  It would save the legislature the hassle of having to provide us with Soviet style judicial elections where the Governor gives us one candidate to vote for.

If standards need to be national or global, then why have State and local governments?  Following Harwell’s line of thinking big spending Republican run State government can be dissolved and the feds and globalist could run everything.  It is a tempting thought because it would rid Tennessee of hypocrite Harwell, momentarily.  The problem is she would run for federal office and then advocate that the UN should dictate national policy.

2 thoughts on “Harwell declares she’s a globalist

  1. They just keep following the leader like little kids can not make their own decision. She wants to be the next governor. We will have our hands full when she decides to run we can not allow that. Need a Conservative all the way not a pretend Conservative like Corker, Ramsey, Haslem, Alexander the whole bunch of bad grapes.

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