How to stop license plate tracking

There is a simple way to solve this problem.  All a State has to do is repeal the plate requirement for motor vehicles.  Some States are talking about cutting water off to the NSA.  Why should people be tagged like cattle when they travel?  Cut the plates off, problem solved.  Instead the Tennessee General Assembly is looking to steal more money by upping seat belt fines.  More of that tough of crime garbage from Republicans.

5 thoughts on “How to stop license plate tracking

  1. The whole concept of being “tough on crime” is purely subjective. Tougher than what? In my opinion, we need to get back to the Bible to determine what all criminal sentences should be. For example, being negligent without any damages (especially toward yourself, as with a seatbelt law) is not a biblical crime. Everything other than biblical law is a subjective, slippery slope to tyranny.

    • Certainly there’s subjectivity in defining criminal statues. What I am referring to, for the most part, is something that the State has made an offense against the peace and dignity of the State (whatever that is, your subjectivity perhaps), having harsher penalties attached to it. Thus, I meant tougher than the past. There have been numerous bills to make existing penalties tougher than they already are, and the creation of some really stupid subjective laws like offensive bumper stickers.

    • My point is that the argument has devolved to pure emotion. You say that the penalties are too severe, or severe enough already. They say they are too light. Who is correct? The reason we have even gotten to this point is because we have completely abandoned both God’s law, and the concept that criminal justice should punish immorality rather than “cure” rebellion against the government. C.S. Lewis discussed the inevitable tyranny that arises out of the concept of a “Humanitarian Theory of Punishment,” i.e. rehabilitative sentencing.

      Under my system, there is no emotion involved. They say that seatbelt fines should be higher? I say that seatbelt fines should not exist. The Bible does not define damageless negligence as a crime. (And even where there are damages, the context suggests that prosecution should be up to the victim, not the DA.) And furthermore, the police should not exist, either. We would have law based on pure reason, not passion.

      If we followed the Bible, most people would consider it anarchy because most of what our government does today is unjustified. So I don’t support higher seatbelt fines, or any such wickedness. My point is that the legislators don’t have any moral compass. They are walking in darkness.

      • Actually I say a lot more than they are too severe. Most of them should not exist. I was simplifying the situation, which is these Republicans want to look tough on crime and being for law and justice. While sometimes well intended, there’s the PR component of looking good to voters that you got tough on crime.

        This country has become a police state because politicians and the people have forgotten what the role of government is suppose to be. Government is suppose to exist to assist in the protection of our God-given rights. Seat belt laws infringe on that. If there’s no force or fraud, the government should stay out of the actions of individuals so that people are free to work out their own salvation.

  2. More DHS Lies (and only a day later!):

    “After a chorus of outrage over a Department of Homeland Security solicitation for bids to establish and maintain “a National License Plate Recognition (NLPR) database service,” the feds now claim the whole project was unauthorized by DHS or by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, in whose name it had been posted.”

    So since the Super Snoopers are “protecting us”, surely they can identify the person(s) who let an illegal federal government solicitation….can’t they?

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