Voting on May 6th can make a difference

By Paula Kirby

Blount County citizens are seeking new blood to sit in the Commission seats. Blount county is 220 million dollars in debt spending 6 million dollars more than  they took in last year. The  commissioners voted on a wheel tax and they voted to increase sales tax, all in an effort to cover the current Commissioners wasteful spending of taxpayers money.

Commissioners are voted into office by the people to be OUR voice in the Commission seat. Their responsibility is to vote for US not just themselves!! This is not what I see when I’ve attended the Commission meetings. I have seen Blount County citizens go to the podium and beg them not to vote on these things and “WE” THE BLOUNT COUNTY CITIZENS are just ignored!!

14 Blount county citizens are running against commission incumbent seats. 14 people like you and I who are tired of not being heard!! This is our opportunity as citizens of Blount County to change our county government for the better!!!

PLEASE VOTE MAY 6th only we the people can make a difference!!!

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