2 thoughts on “New Smart Meter policy for Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative

  1. Wow. Charge “at least” $30 just to read your meter – which reading you were already paying for.

    I’m guessing there is no cost reduction at all to the paying customers for going with their Big Brother meter program. Bet it ain’t “at least” $30 a month.

    Some interesting language in there.
    “greater…control over consumption” Double-plus good!

    “potential for reduced prices during peak periods for all members” Here comes time-of-day demand charges from TVA. I wonder if the utilities are being threatened with this in order to push the smart meters on residential.
    They seem to have their propaganda down pretty good.

    “reduced demand during times of stress” Really? A meter measures. It does nothing to the demand. So are they going to use that other ‘benefit’ “remote connection/disconnection” to accomplish that reduction of demand or “control over consumption”?

    Starting to look more and more like North Korea.

  2. Well, that is what you get when you hire a Vegetation Management guy to run an Electric company. A guy that went to a CEO position that had never supervised anyone but himself, oh I forgot he did oversee the company that was supposed to cut the right-of-way, which never does. Why do you think the power was out for days on end. Just another example of extreme abuse of the member, that is supposed to own the cooperative. The members need to get the Fugate man back on the Board. He was the only sound business man on the Board many years ago.

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