Roller Coaster Tax Rate

On page 35 of this June 2011 Commission packet you will find the property tax rate for Blount County for fiscal years (FY) 1991-2011.  The $2.21 that you see for FY12 on this chart is what was needed during that year to pay for the original proposed budget.  The Commission chose to raise the rate to $2.15, from $2.04 the previous year.  It has remained at $2.15 since the rate increase for FY12, which was voted on in June 2011.

While the $2.15 rate is the same for FY 2015 as it was for FY 2004, the rate has gone up and down during that time.  The lowest rate was FY 2011 at $2.04 because of the State mandated certified rate that requires the tax rate to be adjusted to make the tax revenue level the same as it was with the old rate after the whole County has been reappraised.  This usually means that the rate will go down because most home values have gone up, in addition to new homes that were built.  The highest rate was $2.43 in FY’s 2005 and 2006.  It is a true statement that the rate is the same as it was 11 years ago, but it hasn’t been a steady rate and the County is collecting more property tax revenue because home values have increased.  Most people are paying higher property taxes than they were 10 years ago.

One thought on “Roller Coaster Tax Rate

  1. Yes, the mayor is playing the old Bailout Bob Corker campaign game: “Chattanooga has the lowest property tax (rate) in 50 years!”.

    I would be glad to go back to the tax BURDEN of ten years ago. Why, we weren’t even a measly $200 MILLION in debt back then, but were well on our way to the quarter billion in library and school construction debt we DID acquire.

    Everyone (no matter what county) likes to point the finger on property taxes. The assessor office will say “we don’t set the tax rate, we just assess the market value of your property, the county commission sets the tax rate”. The county commission will say “we only set the tax rate to meet our budget as required by the state, we don’t tax your property” and the trustee will say “we don’t set your tax rate or the market value, we just collect the taxes”.

    State-mandated raises (a.k.a. “maintenance of effort”) and “free” health insurance mean everyone’s tax burden increases continually. The additional insult to injury is the tax of inflation of the fake green paper money supply by the federal reserve banksters (and don’t forget the refusal to audit them by Corker and Lamar Alexander). It was pretty hard to explain how your properties “increased in value” to create tax increases when you were surrounded by foreclosures. But even that is not enough for Blount with the continual assault of sales and wheel tax referendums.

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