Thou shalt vote Republican hypocrisy

Local county government has been dominated, as long anyone can remember, by people who claim to be conservative Republicans.  A machine has existed with the help of Republican party officials.  These people have preached thou shalt vote Republican, but this August election has shown that many of those people don’t practice what they preach when the people they don’t like win Republican primary races.

Peggy Lambert, Republican National Committeewoman, criticized the eventual winner of the May Republican primary for Juvenile Judge, Kenlyn Foster, for not being Republican enough.  Lambert says she’s backing Foster in the general election saying, “I always support the Republican ticket.”  Evidence shows otherwise.  Lambert donated $150 to Gerald Kirby’s general election write-in campaign (page 15 of 58).  Kirby lost the May Republican primary to Jamie Daly by 23 votes.  He launched a write-in campaign to try to take the seat back and spent $4,552.80 in less than 1 month for a race that many spend less than $1,000 to win (page 1 of 53).

Several party officials and Republican office holders spent time hanging out under the write-in Kirby tent, including Republican National Committeewoman Peggy Lambert, State Committeewoman Susan Mills, Republican State Representative Bob Ramsey, Republican Circuit Court Judge David Duggan (his wife Kari served as Treasure of the Republican Women’s Club Blount County) and current Male Vice Chairman Rob Goddard.  There were several other Republican officials who chose to visit the write-in Kirby tent.  Most of them did not speak to the women who won Republican primaries and were also at the Courthouse talking with voters.


Republican National Committeewoman Peggy Lambert under the write-in Kirby tent

Exclusion and favoritism are nothing new.  All 21 of Blount County’s Commissioners are Republican, but for about a year the Blount County Republican Party chose to exclude Commissioner Jim Folts from it’s website.  When Tona Monroe, a delegate for Ron Paul, was asked by the Ron Paul campaign to speak to the Blount County Republican Party about Paul’s presidential candidacy the Chairman Susan Mills called and asked for the campaign to send someone else to speak.  Several people were prohibited from attending a Republican meeting in Feburary 2013.


State Representative Bob Ramsey (R) under the write-in Kirby tent

The Blount County Republican Party gave Gary Farmer $5,000 (page 3 of 55) for the general election, presumably because he has a Democrat opponent.  That’s a lot of money for a commission race.  Why weren’t other Republican nominees given similar amounts?  Kirby spent over $4,500 in July on his write-in campaign.  Where’s the Party money to help Daly, the Republican winner?

4 years ago several independent candidates ran for County Commission and the Republican Women’s Club donated to all the Republican nominees who had independent challengers (pages 7-9 of 59).  It doesn’t appear that any money was given to the Republican winners of the May primary, who face write-in challengers even though a write-in challenge is an independent challenge.  The Republican Women’s Club invited several candidates to speak at it’s July meeting, including Susan Mills who is unopposed in her race for State Executive Committeewoman, but did not invite Jamie Daly and Karen Miller who won their primaries and are facing write-in candidates.  The favoritism and actions of Party officials and their friends during early voting leads one to conclude that those controlling the Republican party in Blount County aren’t happy with the outcome of the May 6th primary election.


Republican Judge David Duggan at the Kirby write-in tent

11 thoughts on “Thou shalt vote Republican hypocrisy

  1. It is becoming increasingly evident that the ‘MACHINE’ is a well-oiled entity in Blount County government.

    NO ONE has legitimate authority to REFUSE ENTRY to a law abiding citizen at a local political gathering!

    We have a GOD given right to FREEDOM of SPEECH and EXPRESSION.

    WHAT are theae local bureaucrats AFRAID of?

  2. You don’t have any rights to access or selecting leadership of a private political club. That is all the Democratic and Republican parties are. They just fleece the entire public to pay for their private political club elections that we call “primaries”. You pay for both, but are only allowed to vote in one.

    Because they are private political clubs, you do not have a right to vote in their club elections we call primaries, except for the fact that you pay for them. This is also how the Republican party can make/break rules on the fly and declare Rick Santorum the “winner” even though he had zero delegates on the primary ballot.

    This is also how the Democratic party can push a presidential nominee TWICE that has yet to prove natural born citizenship, and the various secretaries of state wash their hands of the problem, because the private political club nominee is not a guaranteed-right-to-vote election as defined in the constitution.

  3. In our household we no longer donate money to the RNC for that reason – it has become a private political club that decides for you who they will support monetarily with your money! The same pattern is on the local level in Blount County with the well oiled political machine. The good ‘ole boys look out for each other and not for you and me! There is a real problem with career politicians and their thirst for power on the local level all the way to D.C. We must quit voting for them and start replacing them with “citizen representatives” who look out for the taxpayers and not the self serving interests of a few.


  5. What is so fascinating about Gerald Kirby? I have attended plenty
    of Blount County Commission meetings and have never heard Mr. Kirby open his mouth to ask any questions. He just votes “yea” . I am not at all
    impressed by his visitors under this glorious tent. Where is the picture
    of Mayor Mitchell offering him ice water? no other candidates were
    offered a bottle of water that the taxpayers pay for….Ha Ha I guess if
    the candidates were in the desert the Mayor would have dangled the bottle of water in front of them and give it to Mr. Kirby. Well he sure did lose
    to Jamie Daly by a wide margin my guess is must be due to the “influential names” that
    were endorsing him. What a joke and embarrassment to his endorsers
    they could not buy his commission seat back. Remember the old
    saying “What goes around comes around”. Congratulations to Jamie Daly
    and Karen Miller who are class act winners by a large margin.
    The voters have spoken loud and clear.

    Also Mayor Mitchell did not help his buddy win either with his demeaning
    post-op editorial he wrote for the Daily Times on 7/14/2014. Volunteering
    on election day at the polls endorsing Karen Miller it was stated by
    some voters that Mayor Mitchell insulted a lot of the citizens with his
    unprofessional blog and they left his name on the ballot blank. As stated above “what goes around comes around”.

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