Richard Hutchens addresses 2 important issues in open letter to Mayor and Commissioners

Richard Hutchens has for years appealed to the Board of Commissioners to rise above petty politics and make decisions that are in the best interest of all citizens, not a connected few.  Last year he gave Roy Crawford the First Blount County Statesmen Award.  His shame, shame, shame speech delivered during Melton’s reign of tyranny, a month before the Commission raised the property tax rate, will go down as one for the ages in Blount County politics.

Last night he sent an open letter to the Mayor and Commissioners addressing two important issues.  Both deserve serious consideration.  Please read the letter.  How do you think the Commission should address these issues?

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Open Letter from Richard Hutchens Page 1

Open Letter from Richard Hutchens Page 2

4 thoughts on “Richard Hutchens addresses 2 important issues in open letter to Mayor and Commissioners

  1. I totally agree with you Mr. Hutchens. Stinnett will not show his face around this district after election. He is out of the same mold as Tom Green. Once elected, they hide rather than ask for opinions of constituents. That tells me that he gets his marching orders from the other Commissioners on his side.

  2. Mr. Hutchens hit the nail on the head. What is the commission prepared to do to condemn this outrage. It is time for the residents of Blount county to pay attention to what is happening with our “representatives”. Does the way they conduct our county’s business follow logical, common sense, ethical practices? It is painful to try and sit through a commission meeting and see the total disregard our commissioners and Mayor show those they are elected to serve. Stand up, speak up and let them know enough is enough.

  3. While Mr. Stinnett’s comments are true they probably should not have been discussed in public. The schools are receiving, as a percentage, too much of the county’s revenue. The commissioners should start cutting the requested amounts from the school board. The majority of the public is against the amount of money going to the schools. According to the State Board of Education, Blount County’s health benefit package for schools is number one in the state. But the schools still are not happy. In my opinion, it is time to start cutting the budget requests from the schools to the bone.

  4. Sadly, it is not only Mr. Stinnett who wants to keep the public in the dark. For years we’ve seen back-door politics going on in Blount County. Now is the time for the citizens to have their voice heard by attending meetings and speaking out. In the meantime, Mr. Stinnett should be held accountable for his remarks.

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