Mitchell’s Budget Committee nominee Hannum has been habitually delinquent on property taxes

Sharron Hannum has done good things for our community and I commend her for her service.  The Mayor has nominated to her to serve on the Budget Committee and the Purchasing Commission.  There’s one big problem though; she doesn’t pay her taxes on time.

A call to the Trustee’s office on Wednesday confirmed that Mayor Ed Mitchell’s unelected nominee for the Budget Committee and Purchasing Commission has been habitually delinquent in paying her property taxes.  According to the Trustee’s office, both of Sharon Y. Hannum’s parcels have been delinquent three years in a row.  One parcel was turned over to the Clerk and Master for collection on the delinquent taxes.  That property became delinquent again and remained delinquent, at the time of the call to the Trustee’s office.

The memberships of the Purchasing Commission and the Budget Committee are very important to the financial well being of the people of Blount County.  The people deserve new leadership with the integrity to speak up and make the difficult decisions necessary for the financial well being of all Blount County citizens.

People have repeatedly told me that they are tired of business as usual.  The people deserve to know how the Mayor may be stacking the deck against fixed rate financing, and how our purchasing process is not getting the best deals for the taxpayers.

My calls to Sharron Hannum went unreturned at the time of publication.

Since Hannum will answer to the Mayor, instead of the people, it’s important that the people of Blount County have the opportunity to weigh in on the subject now.  The commission must approve or reject her nominations.  Any of the three great ladies, that the voters elected to serve on the commission, will do a fine job serving on the Budget Committee and/or the Purchasing Commission.  The three ladies have already proven they are the most fiscally conservative commissioners.

Question for you, the taxpayers:  Do you think that someone who is habitually delinquent on their taxes should be in a position of power to make decisions affecting your tax rate and how your tax money is spent?

Commissioner Last name Phone Email District
Archie Archer 336-1999 1
Sean Carter 405-5113 1
Mike Akard 982-6369 2
Mike Lewis 984-0413 2
Steve Samples 984-6238 3
Mike Caylor 323-3143 3
Gary Farmer 983-4778 4
Karen Miller 233-5185 4
Jerome Moon 984-3304 4
Jeff Headrick 982-3233 5
Rick Carver 984-6774 5
Tom Cole 856-4995 6
Dodd Crowe 742-6737 6
Tom Stinnett 207-7207 7
Tona Monroe 856-0814 7
Brad Bowers 659-7711 8
Grady Caskey 368-4300 8
Ron French 577-8393 9
Andy Allen 382-2528 9
Jamie Daly 977–9822 10
Kenneth Melton 981-2683 10


2 thoughts on “Mitchell’s Budget Committee nominee Hannum has been habitually delinquent on property taxes

  1. Hi Tona:
    Once again the Mayor has showed us his inability to pick people who have a questionable background such as back taxes. This alone is one reason why this person should not be appointed to the budget and purchasing department.

    I would like to know if my district representative has ever voted NO on anything?

    The $88,000 plus spent to have engineering done for our school roof problems is too much money especially when the roofer is the one who
    places the bond. Any large roofing company has their own engineers who would not only redesign the roof and also do the installation. There are many large roofers that do millions of feet a year that have engineers on staff. This probably would save thousands of dollars in engineering fees.

    Thanks Tona — you are unbelievable for a country girl!

  2. I recall a few or so new men who ran for and got elected to commission offices. In part they ran due to the county’s debt and to ensure less taxation. But the freshman commissioners seem to me to have behaved as if they forgot why they ran for office in the first place, yet were they deceitful, or did they forget why they sought office ? Why was the honorable Jim Folts ignored when he said Kronos is a bad idea for the County ? I think Mr. Folts sold Kronos as was his job. The man should know what he was talking about.

    I am disappointed with those new guys on the commission who seems to have forgotten their promises to our people.

    May the holy fires of Truth purge this county of Its corruption. There are three Lady Commissioners who serve That Truth, and their presence is a blessing amongst our people.


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