Comments to the Commission regarding the Budget Committee and the Purchasing Commission

Thank you Mr. Chairman.  Tonight we have before us someone who is being nominated or re-nominated for 3 bodies.  If approved for all 3, that will mean that this board approves of her serving on 4 bodies.  We have commissioners who currently only serve on one body and others whose second body is one that rarely meets and/or had little power for meaningful reform.  We need to ask ourselves why we are discriminating against the voters like this.  They elected new leadership.  We should listen.

The nominations for the Budget Committee and the Purchasing Commission are the same four people.  Last month we only had one bid for the purchase of a commercial washer and dryer to be installed at the animal shelter.  Two business owners, in my district, have complained to me about how difficult it is for them to find out about the purchasing needs of Blount County and to participate in the purchasing process.  Another constituent, who is a purchasing agent for a large global company, shared a concern he had about our purchasing protocols.  Rarely are questions asked during the purchasing portion of the agenda and the packet often says for information only.  In light of these concerns, now is a good time to separate the Budget Committee and the Purchasing Commission.   Therefore, I move to send this back to the Mayor for separate (different) names for each of these bodies.

The motion failed 10-11.  Meaningful reform failed by one vote.

Akard – yes  Allen – yes  Archer – yes  Bowers – yes  Carter – no  Carver – no  Caskey – yes  Caylor – no  Cole – yes  Crowe – yes  Daly – yes  Farmer – no  French – no  Headrick – no  Lewis – no  Melton – no  Miller – yes  Monroe – yes  Moon – no  Samples – no  Stinnett – no

Interesting note, all 10 that voted yes are new commissioners.  Perhaps if just one more incumbent had been beaten in the last election this would have passed.

2 thoughts on “Comments to the Commission regarding the Budget Committee and the Purchasing Commission

  1. Budget & Purchasing? What did you expect?
    The same GOP leadership rules the roost in Blount County. These people are not much better than Dear Leader regarding finances and open government. Their motto: Tax & Spend, let them eat cake!
    Leaders they are not. Most are step ‘n fetch it’s. Others are lost balls in high weeds. I’m thankful I lost running for a Commission seat. Having to sit this and listen to this nonsense might have given me the pip!

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