Commissioner Stinnett calls Commissioner Monroe “Honey”

Commissioner Tom Stinnett called commissioner Tona Monroe “honey” at the October 30, 2014 Blount County Commission meeting.¬†¬†Monroe’s husband was in the audience.

5 thoughts on “Commissioner Stinnett calls Commissioner Monroe “Honey”

  1. What part of sexist does Tom Stinnett not understand. He is a sorry example of a person who is supposed to show respect to other people. He has unmitigated gall to use the term honey in lieu of Commissioner. And in the presence of her husband Troy. Troy and others in attendance should have immediately raised the issue with the whole Commission. The Commission should not let this stand and should censure Stinnett and if they don’t have a procedure for censure, it should be instituted. He is just another sorry example of the good ole boy system that is masquerading as Commissioners.

  2. Condescending, yes. And disrespectful, unprofessional & chauvinistic. Where was Comm. Moon to call Comm. Stinnett out, on his improper language? What would Tom Stinnett do if you called him “Honey” during a County Commission session? Was your husband Troy in attendance? If it’s just Tom’s bad habit of casualness, he needs to get over it, esp. with a married woman.
    Thank you for sharing the meeting clip, Tona.
    Renee Dirr

  3. I Agree with the others listed here. My family calls items like that “put downs.” I would have kept him in for recess, but if Richard Williams had been there…….

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