Adventures in head banging: Less than 24 hours to look at 5 month old quote edition

headbashwallFor several years Blount Countians have been able to watch local government meetings online.  This is convenient and useful for those with an interest in local politics who don’t want to travel.

The technology is old and needs to be updated.  The live streaming camera is in the back of the room and does not zoom in on the person talking.  People who regularly listen to commission meetings quickly learn the voices but first time listeners face a learning curve.

During the October IT Committee meeting, I shared with the committee the complaints that I have received from citizens about problems with the live streaming and the google system used for recording the meetings.  The Mayor informed the committee that he was going to bring a request for a new video system for the commission room to the Budget Committee in January.  That didn’t happen.

The IT Committee meeting is today at 5 PM in room 430, the commission room.  This meeting packet arrived in my inbox at 10:03 PM last night.  That’s less than 24 hours to review the information.  The worst part is that the Request for Proposal for a video system in the packet is dated September 29, 2014, meaning this information has been available for nearly five months.  There is no good reason why this information couldn’t have been provided five days in advance of the meeting.  I tried to amend our rules to fix the problem and petty politicians killed the solution.

Now I am left with trying to make a decision with less than 24 hours notice on 5 month old information.  I guess I should look on the bright side.  At the October IT Committee meeting, I was given my information packet at the meeting.  This time I got over a half a day to review the information.  Is this progress?  My head hurts.

4 thoughts on “Adventures in head banging: Less than 24 hours to look at 5 month old quote edition

  1. Apparently time needed for intelligent consideration is discouraged. Begrudgingly, the packets arrive a short time before each meeting. There seems to be little time for any commissioner to consider any consequences a proposal may cause.

  2. The reasons for Commission consideration are numerous. Inability to read efficiently, supreme inability to digest and understand the info, sunshine law violations meaning the issues are already decided by phone calls or clandestine meetings, frustration by the existing voting bloc at the newest members who dare challenge them, the reasonable and intelligent approach to fiscal soundness is a threat to the good ole boys. These are probably just some of the nefarious reasons by this despicable bloc of good ole boys.

  3. Instead of welcoming the new commissioners with grace and cooperation the good o’l boys figure ways to frustrate folks we elected. I guess they figure their positions are now owed to them. Not.

  4. When proposals for video systems are sat on for 5 mo., the shelf life expiration, whether technology advance, increase in vendor costs, cross-pollination of proprietary info, creeping nepotism, etc., renders those proposals not binding or enforceable.

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