Aiming at the wrong target

The Mayor’s response to the jail consultant pointing out that the criminal justice system assessment report has been ignored shows that the Mayor is aiming at the wrong target.  The goal is to do what is best for society, which includes everyone: the taxpayers, the jail employees and the inmates.  Instead of working toward solutions the Mayor is using the age old tactic of attacking the messenger by threatening to sue.

It is good to see Joel Davis at The Daily Times be factually correct in his reporting.  Craig Garrett is the attorney for the mayor, not the county attorney.  Blount County doesn’t have a county attorney, despite the mayor referring to him as the county attorney.

The drama should stop.  As elected officials it is our responsibility to now work together to implement solutions that are productive for all of society.  The taxpayer funded study provides several solutions.  Let’s get started putting those solutions to work.

3 thoughts on “Aiming at the wrong target

  1. It is the responsibility of the County Commission to appropriate spending of taxpayer’s funds including whether to file a lawsuit. It will probably cost the county $50,000 to sue over an expenditure of $95,000 just because some county officials did not agree with the report.

  2. The biggest honchos in BC gov’t ran Un-Opposed this last election cycle, so they must be doing a great job. And anyway, isn’t it time the same old architects and same old construction companies get back to spending the county’s tax dollars like they used to?

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