To hear or not to hear: Failure to move forward

Eight Commissioners decided it was time to move forward on the jail overcrowding situation by hearing from the jail consultant and looking to see what we can do in the community to reduce the jail population and get people back to work as productive members of society.  Bryan Daniels of the Blount Partnership is always talking about moving “forward” an being “positive”.  Eight Commissioners voted to do that.

One Commissioner lacked the guts to even vote on the matter.

To hear Not to hear Abstained
Mike Akard Andy Allen Jerome Moon
Archie Archer Brad Bowers
Sean Carter Rick Carver
Tom Cole Grady Caskey
Jamie Daly Mike Caylor
Karen Miller Dodd Crowe
Tona Monroe Gary Farmer
Tom Stinnett Ron French
Jeff Headrick
Mike Lewis
Kenneth Melton
Steve Samples

4 thoughts on “To hear or not to hear: Failure to move forward

  1. Thank You to all the Commissioners who voted to let the jail study be heard. The public has a right to have input on such an important issue, it was our $95,000 that was spent. Apparently, Mayor Mitchell wants to waste some more taxpayer money suing Alan Kalmanoff and ILPP. I agree with the citizen who suggested at the Agenda Meeting that the Mayor pony up the $95,000. The report is truthful to the point it must be suppressed at all costs. It is outrageous that only Commissioner Monroe supported this. Three of the four Corrections Partnership Commitee Members decided to play politics, Chairman Jeff Headrick, Commissioner Rick Carver, and Commissioner Mike Caylor. Chairman Moon called out Commissioner Akard for not reading the entire report. The question is, has he? And to Commissioner Farmer, once again, in plain English so he can understand. Blount County does not have an attorney!

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