It’s a ‘fine’ day and night in Blount County and throughout Tennessee

Well the Tennessee General Assembly just voted to raise the seatbelt fine from $10 to $25.  This is a great way for Republicans to enrich public treasuries without ‘raising taxes’.  It’s no surprise that Blount County’s 3 nanny $tati$t $upported the tax… err fine.  Good Ole’ Big Government Bob Ramsey, Art Swann and Doug Overbey.

Here in Blount County the Commi$$ion just took an unconstitutional grant for nighttime $eatbelt demo.  Buckle up, or you will find out what a ‘fine’ place Blount County is to live, especially since the federal government and the Tenne$$ee General A$$embly made $ure that you’ll be adding more to the public trea$ury if you don’t.

3 thoughts on “It’s a ‘fine’ day and night in Blount County and throughout Tennessee

  1. This is just “small potatoes” to those politicians who thrive continually on the fines, fees and taxes that can be imposed on the citizens of Blount County.
    I’m working out a contract with a motel in Maryville now and finding out how much is added in for the motel tax – 15.25%. That is highway robbery and may discourage people from ever using a motel in this area again!

  2. I read about the seat belt fines which goes far deeper than just a fine , First its been proven to save lives , second its to prevent serious injuries which then put a strain on the medical fiances to heal , Looking to Canada these policies have been ineffect for many years . America if you don t think that socialistic medicine is coming to this country thats the future

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