Wheel Tax killed

The wheel tax failed to make it out of the Agenda Committee on Tuesday by one vote.  Two commissioners actually abstained on the vote.  Why did these two not vote on implementing a new tax?

One commissioner, Jerome Moon, had voted to send it from the Budget Committee to the Agenda Committee the day before.  What a difference a day makes.

Voting Yes to move forward a wheel tax: Commissioners Brad Bowers, Shawn Carter, Rick Carver, Grady Caskey, Mike Caylor, Dodd Crowe, Ron French, Jeff Headrick, Mike Lewis and Kenneth Melton

Voting No to a wheel tax: Commissioners Mike Akard, Andy Allen, Archie Archer, Tom Cole, Jamie Daly, Karen Miller, Tona Monroe, Steve Samples and Tom Stinnett

Abstaining on a wheel tax vote: Commissioners Gary Farmer and Moon


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