Commissioner and Alcoa businessman Mike Akard explains horrifying EPA stormwater regulations

Where is the Blount Partnership/Chamber of Commerce when you need them? Bryan Daniels was busy killing a resolution asking our federal legislators to provide regulatory relief for existing businesses. Listen to local Alcoa businessman and County Commissioner Mike Akard explain the horrible situation he faced because of EPA regulations. Your Mayor Ed Mitchell and the face of industrial development/recruitment worked to kill this simple request for regulatory relief that could help native local businessmen like Mike Akard.

Bryan Daniels’ salary should be cut and the money used to fund pay raises for the Sheriff’s deputies.

This fell upon the deaf ears of 11 commissioners. The resolution originally passed 11-10. Commissioner Shawn Carter flipped and voted not to override the Mayor’s veto. We should be looking out for existing businesses and spend less time giving special deals to foreign owned companies.

2 thoughts on “Commissioner and Alcoa businessman Mike Akard explains horrifying EPA stormwater regulations

  1. I highly commend each of you who voted to override the mayor’s VETO on the request for assistance from our elected public servants at the state and federal level. There was nothing “improper” regarding the issue of an appeal for the EPA regulations to be reined-in. They were elected to serve their constituency and many of them are now beginning to take measures toward establishing EPA restraints. It is actually long overdue.

    It is my sincere prayer that enough of our citizens will awaken to urgency regarding the threats and unnecessary overreach of authority in this egregious attempt to continue the assault upon individual property owner rights.

    There also needs to come an awakening regarding the TAX & SPEND mentality when Blount County is already so heavily indebted. Prudent government understands the concept that it cannot continually spend beyond the existing revenues. In order to insure votes, many Blount County commissioners bow to unreasonable demands for increased salaries. Such is readily ascertained from simply listening to the comments of county government employees who rarely attend the meetings unless their bonus or expected raises are under scrutiny. Many depart hastily once their issue has been heartily embraced by their crowd.

    Please help enlist the support of other concerned citizens. We can have better government with a Balanced Budget and NO new TAXES in Blount County if more economically sound thinking individuals become involved.

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