LTE has eye-opening effect

My letter to the editor (LTE) had some effect, which was the goal.  I included the conflicts of interest that I knew existed, except that I forgot to mention that Commissioner Mike Lewis is the Vice President of Green Bank, which the county has used for financial dealings.  That was in the paper recently though, in another letter to the editor.

I have since learned that Commissioner Tab Burkhalter sits as a special Judge in the Blount County Juvenile Court.  He did not read a conflict of interest statement.

Mayor Mitchell’s veto is appreciated

Dear Editor:

Kudos, Mayor Mitchell. A true voice for Blount County!

Let me start by saying I have a lot of friends employed by our Blount County government. I sincerely apologize if I offend.

However … the facts are clear. I think most of us are struggling in some way — some more than others, of course. It is way past time for those in charge to take action! Help! Make some sacrifices. Everyone else has to! Changes need to start at the top.

The letter from Tona (June 2) was truly eye-opening. She listed numerous commissioners who have relatives employed by the county. It is no secret that, in most job markets, it is “not what you know but who you know.” And 30 years ago, when Blount County was a one-horse town, that was accepted. Everybody knew everybody and most were related! But … Wake up! Whatever happened to “conflict of interest?” Certainly in the field of elected commissioners controlling the purse strings of their own families! Can we say “Not Fair! Thank you, Mayor Mitchell, for listening and taking action for the people!


Yvette Tynes

3107 Falcon Drive

Maryville, TN 37803

One thought on “LTE has eye-opening effect

  1. Doesn’t the Mayor have to sign any budget increase? If so, doesn’t that mean the Mayor Mitchell is just as responsible for our outrageous county spending as the commission?

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