People are upset with the Library Director for promoting tax increase through email

Several people have contacted me about the Library Director KC Williams sending an email in support of the tax increase, saying the library will have to cut services if the the increase isn’t approved.  Here are some of the responses.

Yesterday I received a mass e-mail from the Blounty County Library Director, KC Williams.  The message states the library and other departments are at risk if the tax increase isn’t approved and telling us to contact our commissioners to support the tax increase.  Well I’m contacting my commissioners to tell you I DO NOT support the tax increase and I do NOT support department heads sending biased emails to the public!  Have the Commissioners actually directed the department heads to contact the public and threaten them?  I wonder at the legality of a government manager sending such an email.  I worked for the federal government for 34 years and if a federal employee had done this, ON GOVERNMENT TIME, ON A GOVERNMENT COMPUTER, WITH GOVERNMENT LETTERHEAD, they would be fired.  In Federal terms this is called the “Washington Monument” ploy.  Whenever budget cuts are proposed, departments submit lists of programs that may be cut.  They always pick the items that they know will garner the greatest public outcry, such as closing the Washington Monument.  It’s a stupid ploy and nothing more than a scare tactic.  It also assumes that the public is so ignorant and uninformed that they will fall for it.  While I do enjoy the library and hope it is around for a long time, the fact is that, in our current internet world, libraries are soon to be as rare as a Blockbuster Video store.  And lastly, you proposed the tax increase to pay salary increases and health insurance, when did it evolve to closing the library?


Dear KC Williams,

I can appreciate your concern over the possibility of not receiving an increase in your upcoming budget.

Please consider the impact that a tax increase will have on those of us who will have to adjust our budgets in order to pay for your operations.  Perhaps you and the other Blount County administrators will step back for a moment and view the proposed tax increase from the perspective of those of us who will be forced to carry the burden. These are difficult economic times and it seems like those of you who are responsible for spending our tax dollars would sharpen your pencils and make the difficult choices necessary to control your spending and to keep within limits that protects the financial security of our neighbors.

We as citizens of Blount County depend upon you administrators and our elected commissioners to make every effort to manage our county finances more efficiently.  Unfortunately we the taxpayers are often not given the respect we deserve and there is no one to stand up and advocate for our position.

With a view from the other side…


K. C.,
It is disappointing that our public library would act as a tool for the liberal, tax and spend career politicians lead by Ed Mitchell. YES, the library is important but what thought has been given to the military veterans, senior citizens, and an ever diminishing middle class that continues to fund a run away county government.

What do you tell those of us that already do without, proudly served our country that are now bound to such a tight fixed budget that we find ourselves in the red at the end of the month? Is there truly a belief among the majority of the County Commissioners that veterans and senior citizens of the county enjoy an excess of disposable income? How do they sleep at night?? It boggles the mind. When the demands to fund more government waste comes from these out-of-touch politicos, what do you propose seniors and veterans do with no money to give?

PLEASE , help me understand how this does not affect your heart when you continually demand money from those most unable to comply without dire consequences.  How does the reality of your veterans and seniors having basic human needs denied so MORE taxes can be paid. Is it OK with you that  the citizens of Blount county are growing in number destined to eat oatmeal and generic cereal 7 days a week?

The question continues to go unanswered . . . when a career politician’s home budget sees more money going out than coming in, do they have a magical outside source to get back in the black? No, I am assuming they make cuts.

Our library is worthy cause but there are undeniably places cuts can be made as with every single department in the county. Sending threatening notes as a tool for the BIG salaried, under-worked and overpaid lifetime politicians of Blount county is beneath the Blount County Library.


I’m really questioning the legality of this e-mail!  D:-(

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