Unfinished Evergreen study pay raises not based on merit


I apologize for the delay.  I requested this information directly from Evergreen.  Responses are listed below in red.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you,

Jenny Morgan
Human Resources Director
Blount County Government


Hey Jenny,

What does page 19 of the pdf that you sent mean when it says parity option? Is that the tenure plan of 25 years, that will have 25 steps/incremental pay increases? No, this is simply a method of placing these (sworn deputies) current employees’ salaries into the structure based on years with the County.  The number of years (25) was utilized as an approximate, average career length of employees.   Are you aware of any other agency that had this many steps to it’s pay structure? This is a method of implementation, and is not associated with/based on a step plan. 

For move to market employees, that doesn’t seem to give much flexibility.  The orange block indicates that the each employee will be brought to a specific percentage rather than having the flexibility to give more to good employees and less to underperforming employees.  Am I reading that correctly?  Yes, Evergreen Solutions does not recommend any method of implementation that is based on performance. An equitable method cannot be calculated using this factor as the County does not have performance evaluation ratings for all employees for a period of years. We do not recommend making (any) study related pay adjustments based on performance.  Going forward, as a method of pay progression, if the County adopts the developed compensation philosophy which associates performance with pay adjustments, it will have the flexibility to adjust individual salaries based on this factor.

Is there flexibility in the move to market that isn’t fixed to those percentages?  The percentages are calculated based on salary position relative to the midpoint. The amount of adjustment based on the position of the salary could be altered, though we do not recommend this as it would not change the cost significantly.   Also, can you send me the stats of what it would cost to just give pay raises to people making less than $35,000?  I’d like to see those numbers in move to minimum and the move to market numbers.  For those employees currently making less than $35,000, the approximate, annualized salary cost to bring those employee salaries to the new minimums would be $915,881, and the approximate, annualized salary cost for these employees in the move to market option would be $1,343,101.


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