LOCK OUT from Commission Room

Email just received
Hey Tona,
All of your information has been very helpful, also inspiring. Keep up the good work. Danny Garner ran me out. I had been sitting in the meeting room since 2 this afternoon, and at about 2:45 Danny came in with a memo to lock the doors with the explicit instructions to not open them up until 6 PM. Your in for a fight tonight and I know you are up to the task.
Note: Danny is also known as Denny.

4 thoughts on “LOCK OUT from Commission Room

    • It wasn’t just me that lost. The taxpayers of Blount County lost a lot of hard earned money last night.

  1. The hallway was too hot to linger in. Haven’t watched the replay. Did anybody get to stand up and whine about Obamacare, Nazis, Socialism, Nancy Pelosi, and guns being taken away (during items-not-on-the-agenda)?

    Y’all put up a good fight Tona, you’uns should be proud. Conflict-of-interest ruled the day, last night. There’s always hope — the Cantrell & Mansfield families didn’t rule Etowah forever.

    • No it was more about the conflicts of interest and a predetermined outcome. The meeting could have been held in a school auditorium and the problem would have been solved. I had to put my jacket on in the Commission room because it was so cold and it was really hot for all the citizens standing outside in the hallways. Douple dipping Denny is obviously doing a great job maintaining a constant temperature in the courthouse.

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