6 thoughts on “Blount County Commission hard at work balancing the budget

  1. Hey Y’all! We’re in Sumner County fighting the same kinds of conflicts and pre-determined outcomes. So proud of y’all for fighting and this FANTASTIC website. We obviously have a loooong way to go. Just wondering, did anyone who declared a conflict of interest (it was 7 out of 21, right?), vote AGAINST the budget resolution?

    • Hi Laura,
      There were two votes, the tax rate resolution and the budget/appropriations resolution. One commissioner, Tom Stinnett who read a conflict of interest statement, abstained on the tax rate vote but voted for the budget. None of the commissioners abstained on the budget. All those who read conflicts of interest voted yes on the budget, which means that Stinnett caused the tax increase even though he lacked the courage to vote on the tax rate.

      The ones who read their statements aren’t the only commissioners with conflicts of interest. There are several more who should have read statements. While it makes a mockery out of the process, the outcome is no surprise given all the conflicts of interest.

      • Thanks for the info! Not sure if y’all heard that there was a bill up during this past State Legislative session disqualifying county employees from serving on the county legislative body. It was sent for study by TACIR, as the Chairman of the House Local Government Committee thought the issue might be limited to Sumner County. What we have seen in Sumner County is IF they declare their conflict of interest, their statement is not in compliance with TCA and they never vote against their conflict or abstain. Bet our two counties aren’t the only ones!

  2. There use to be a commissioner from Friendsville who also voted for the budget even though it was not balanced then voted against a tax increase to fund it. Stinnett must be following in his foot steps.

  3. Kenneth Melton and Tom Stinnett can’t read from a piece of paper. No doubt that these two are special ed.

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